Litigation, arbitration and ADR

With the challenges posed by the growing speed of commercial relations as well as the ever-increasing complexity of the legal framework, parties facing a pending or threatened dispute require a multidisciplinary approach as well as a thorough assessment and carefully planned strategy in order to be successful and to mitigate potential losses.

Maravela & Asociatii provides the full range of services required to comprehensively address every threatening or pending dispute, starting with pre-litigation strategies and diagnostics aimed at minimising the risks of potential conflicts and, when a conflict does arise, to achieve the amicable settlement of the same (via commercial exchanges and, where applicable, mediation, expert determination and other ADR methods) or (where this is not possible due to parties’ irremediable differences of opinion) to preconfigure a party’s leverage in a potential litigation before courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our lawyers have gained valuable expertise in a considerable number of highly complex cases, having represented clients before Romanian courts at every jurisdiction level as well as before national and international arbitration tribunals. Thus, at Maravela & Asociatii, we hold the in-depth knowledge and innovative know-how that enables us to identify the key points and arguments as well as to carve out the general strategy required to ensure the highest chances of success.

This information was sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.