IT and telecommunications

Given the highly specialised nature of IT and telecoms, legal advisers need more than just legal knowledge in order to proficiently handle related assignments. Accordingly, our IT and telecoms practice is handled by lawyers who have an intimate understanding of the technicalities involved and who are therefore best positioned to provide advice on related legal matters.

While IT and telecommunications have become major industries at global level, related legislation has evolved to a fairly comprehensive legal framework, moving the industry to a new age of stricter regulation and incentives as states, international and regional organisations acknowledged the ever-increasing impact and importance of these sectors.

Our attorneys have been involved in some of the milestone transactions that have helped shape the very legal framework in place today in the field of IT and telecoms and have acquired in the process sound knowledge, expertise and know-how on a wide array of IT/telecom-related matters, including licensing and IP, e-sales and sales of electronic content, software development and implementation, regulatory, financing, corporate and mergers and acquisitions matters, competition, environment, public procurement, privatisation and day-to-day legal advice.

This information was sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.