Insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy

Our lawyers’ insolvency practice is acknowledged for its quality and tailored solutions delivered to clients irrespective of their sector of activity. Several of our insolvency lawyers are highly regarded and well positioned among the most prominent legal professionals in their field, while some of them are licensed as insolvency practitioners.

Today more than ever, companies, banks, investment banks and/or non-banking financial institutions are exposed to greater risks from increased competition, widespread economic downturn, political turmoil and rapid growth in terms of distressed debts. Equally, the reasons for trade failure are more faceted than ever before.

In this challenging environment, the ability of a trader to keep risks at bay, to protect its investments and profits or for creditors to recover their debts relies significantly on the expertise and experience of their advisers.

We have the experience to deal with the most complex insolvency matters at the same pace and ease that we take care of the most straightforward issues. These include protecting the companies in and out of court from abusive insolvency claims; advising companies to restructure their debts portfolio; advising clients during the insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings; creditors’ committees; assets sale; tracking, seizing and recovery of assets; voluntary liquidation; re-organisation; due diligence; and creditors arrangements.

The combined specialisation and experience enables our core team of dedicated lawyers to advise on all aspects of insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy, whatever the causes of the distress.

This information was sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.