Nowadays one cannot conceive businesses, whether unfolding under hazardous auspices or not, without thinking of compliance and liability triggered by environmental regulations.

Accordingly, environment protection and care for climate change became issues of everyday life for most undertakings. Having consolidated and expanded its environment practice in the last few years, Maravela & Asociatii delivers fine legal advice on the complexities of environmental regulations and liabilities, related health and safety matters and compliance programmes and helps clients understand the environmental matters that affect their businesses.

Our environment lawyers, together with their peers from other practices areas, focus, among others, on assisting clients with environmental liabilities in corporate and mergers and acquisitions transactions, regulatory compliance programmes, National Securities Commission environmental disclosure obligations, representation in commercial, criminal and/or administrative proceedings, decommissioning, drafting and submitting the underlying documentation for obtaining environmental operational permits, integrated and/or non-integrated environmental authorisations, related licences, exemptions from restrictive requirements, environmental site

assessment, advice on the European Union climate and energy legislative package and risks and opportunities presented by climate change and sustainable development.

Our team of lawyers works closely and co-operates with environmental specialists, regulators, auditors, agencies, NGOs and governmental bodies so as to streamline the efforts for a better compliance of the businesses with environmental regulations.

Highlights of the mandates that have been handled by our lawyers throughout their practice include advice and representation to:

  • Romanian and foreign investors, with regard to negotiations of environmental issues triggered by corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions documentation to share and mitigate environmental liabilities
  • Several international real-estate developers, on the environmental matters entailed by the real-estate transfers, site assessment, development projects and related lands and buildings use issues, including environmental restrictions and environmental insurance policies
  • A large international carbon emission certificates trader, with regard to guidance concerning compliance with the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
  • A major Chinese investor, with regard to the acquisition of the largest photovoltaic farm and a variety of environmental issues associated with the development of the project, green energy efficiency, compliance with the environmental regulations, etc
  • One of the largest freight wagons manufacturing businesses in Europe, regarding environmental matters concerning the exposure to environmental liabilities, compliance programmes, environmental due diligence and related audit, drafting documentation for obtaining the operational permits, licences and underlying authorisations, including in the nuclear activities sector
  • Several listed companies, with regard to the environmental events that may trigger disclosure obligations, including the drafting and submission of the disclosure documents and filings before the underlying regulators in accordance with the relevant laws and National Securities Commission regulations
  • Numerous corporations, on environmental compliance programmes and corporate environmental responsibility policies
  • A large European industrial gas manufacturer, with regard to cross-border environmental compliance, the national and European Union toxic compounds legislation
  • A European polystyrene manufacturer, with regard to a plethora of environmental matters triggered by a greenfield project for producing extruded polystyrene for the construction sector
  • One of the largest mobile phone manufacturers, on various environmental issues emerged from a greenfield industrial project, including site decommissioning, design and implementation with engineers and experts of site assessments and compliance audits meant to develop the property in accordance with the environmental rules and regulations
  • A large European utility provider, in connection with the various environmental matters triggered by its accession to a large transportation infrastructure
  • Several state-owned companies from various industrial sectors, with regard to the environmental matters triggered by their privatisation, including assessment of the related obligations, site assessments and audit together with engineers and experts, drafting the privatisation documentations so as to allot and determine the environmental obligations and liabilities both pre- and post-closing
  • A major European metallurgical group, with respect to a successfully settled ICC arbitration regarding alleged infringement of environmental investment obligations under a privatisation agreement

This material has been sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.