Maravela & Asociatii’s knowledge and experience has helped clients smooth their labour relationships and overcome the obstacles they face on the legal side of human resources by tailoring practical and business-oriented solutions.

The relationships between employers and employees are often complicated by unclear and sometimes contradictory laws and regulations. On the other hand, if employers do not comprehend and carefully observe their obligations towards their employees, their businesses may suffer a wide array of consequences. Moreover, lack of implementation of employees’ benefits schemes as well of executive compensation programmes in recruiting and retaining the most skilled human resources may hinder the company’s development. Likewise, collective bargaining agreements and corporate HR policies must be carefully negotiated, drafted and structured respectively so as to properly balance compliance matters with the company’s interests. In addition, an eye should be kept on any deal that may trigger transfer of undertaking specific obligations.

Our team focuses on the full range of employment matters, including regulatory and compliance, contracts and terminations, lay-off schemes, restructuring business and corporations, collective labour agreements, negotiations with unions, recruitment and retention, employee transfers, discrimination, whistle-blowing, health and safety, immigration, employee stock option plans and executive compensation arrangements. Maravela & Asociaţii advises companies and individuals from an integrated and multidisciplinary stance, including tax aspects and litigation matters.

This information has been sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.