Aviation, transportation and shipping

The local, fast-paced, consumer-oriented business climate requires a high level of mobility for both people and commodities, which in turn translates to a high demand for aviation, transportation and shipping, as well as an intricate framework of national, European and international regulations.

In this context, businesses that engage in aviation, transportation and shipping require quick and qualified legal advice to make sure that legal issues do not adversely interfere with the proper functioning of one’s business.

Our seasoned team has been involved in a high number of complex transactions in this field, working for a wide variety of clients and in a wide variety of matters. Further, and perhaps even more importantly, we have a great deal of experience in providing day-to-day assistance on the many legal issues that arise in these fields.

Thus, our lawyers have handled specific corporate and commercial matters, regulatory aspects, mandates related to cargo claims and damages, air, rail and road transportation insurance and reinsurance of cargo, carriage of goods, finance, tax and customs, employment, litigations, licensing, permits and financial and non-financial leasing.

Highlights of the assignments that have been handled by our lawyers throughout their practice include advice and representation to:

  • Several worldwide companies specialised in aviation support services, in connection with the lease of aircraft to commercial air carriers, including financing, regulatory and registration aspects, as well as in connection with the repossession of aircraft
  • A major European airline, in connection with the purported acquisition of the largest Romanian low-cost carrier, as well as in connection with a wide range of day-to-day aspects related to the operation of said airline in Romania, including employment, regulatory, corporate and commercial matters, as well as in connection with aspects related to the protection of passenger rights
  • The largest Romanian airline, in connection with several regulatory matters
  • A local company specialised in luxury air travel, in connection with repossession of aircraft
  • An Italian aircraft manufacturer, in connection with the privatisation of a major Romanian aircraft plant
  • A European logistic services provider, in connection with a complex transportation dispute against one of the leading Romanian freight transportation companies
  • One of the largest French road transportation companies, in connection with a wide range of employment matters, as well as in connection with several regulatory aspects
  • A world-leading supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases, in connection with several aspects related to the transportation of dangerous compounds by road
  • A major Romanian railroad transportation company, on regulatory, corporate, commercial, permitting and dispute resolution matters
  • A reputed German railroad and road transportation company, in connection with a wide range of day-to-day matters, as well as in connection with the establishment of an inter-modal transport terminal and recovery of several major receivables held against Romanian business partners
  • A Dutch maritime company, in connection with the full range of services required for the acquisition of a shipping yard that was undergoing insolvency in Romania, including on due diligence, permitting, agreements, competition, intellectual property and insolvency matters
  • A major European rail logistics company, in connection with the amicable settlement of a dispute pertaining to international rail carriage costs
  • One of the largest European freight rail cars manufacturers, in connection with a wide array of aspects including manufacturing and supply agreements with key customers and suppliers, regulatory, permitting, intellectual property and corporate matters

This information was sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.