Is it time for a change?

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  • Is it time for a change?

    Personally, if getting on the partnership track is very important to you, then I would suggest shelving the idea (for now). You are in a top 10 firm, so the standard and level of ambition amongst peers is likely to be very high.
    Additionally, in light of the uncertainty ahead, your colleagues of roughly equal experience will realise that they must go the ‘extra mile’ to be considered for partnership.
    Please also consider that if work levels remain somewhat depleted, then the amount of senior associates vying for partnership is likely to ‘bottleneck’ over the next few years.
    I feel by taking a sabbatical you will be greatly disadvantaging yourself in relation to colleagues. It really boils down to, which is most important to you? Sabbatical or partnership?
    Either way, do remember, if you have all the right credentials, the worst case scenario is a delaying of the inevitable (i.e. partnership).

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  • Never a good or bad time

    If work is slowing down and you are willing to go unpaid, then it may be an ideal time, if you think you can get a commitment from your firm to let you back in. The alternative is, if you are in demand, that they are unlikely to let you take time off and will simply try to sweeten the pain with more cash. It boils down to your level of ambition and how this will be perceived in your current firm. May a wiser course not be to find a new firm and organise some extended gardening leave?

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