InjuryLawyers4U is a leading network of specialist accident and negligence solicitors operating within the UK. It is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and is recorded on the website (authorisation number: CRM1364).

The advertised claims company of law firm Amelans, InjuryLawyers4U was set up following the replacement of legal aid by conditional fee agreements (CFAs), which took place in 1999.

Prior to this, Amelans was the collaborative firm of Martin Cockx and Andrew Twambley, based in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury. The partnership was found in the late 1980s after the two individuals joined the firm, which had originally traded as Amelan & Roth.

Amelan & Roth was a general practice that operated in Manchester during the 1940s and expanded into the Didsbury area in the 1970s, before splitting in 1985. Cockx joined as a partner of the firm of 1987, with Twambly joining a little later in 1989.

While the firm originally provided a broad range of services, which included other aspects of legal work, such as conveyancing, it began to notice an increase in demand for personal injury claims. This led to it to becoming a 100 per cent personal injury claims firm, establishing the InjuryLawyers4U branch of its operations.

More recently, the InjuryLawyers4U brand has received renewed investment, with a group of 25 firms becoming shareholders. This included big names in the personal injury business, including Leigh Day & Co, Pannone & Partners and Donns and Silverback Rymer.

What they do

InjuryLawyers4U operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, making legal services more accessible for those that need them, regardless of their financial position, a policy that has earned the firm plenty of support.

Specialists in its field, InjuryLaywers4U works tirelessly on behalf of its clients. While contact is primarily conducted online, the company still retains its offices in Didsbury, Manchester, which can be used for contact via post.

Areas of specialism

InjuryLawyers4U is a dedicated national network of trained solicitors and lawyers focusing primarily on cases of accident or negligence. While the Amelans firm originally provided more services, there is still plenty of variation within the area of law that it specialises in.

Sub-categories within the firm's areas of expertise (accident claims and negligence claims) include the following:

  • Motorbike, bicycle and road accident claims, including whiplash claims
  • Workplace accident claims, including military and MoD compensation claims
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Poisoning claims
  • Criminal injury claims, including sexual and physical abuse claims and assault claims
  • Claims against the police
  • Severe accident claims, covering the following injury types: broken bones, back and spinal injuries, head injuries, loss of limbs, muscle/soft tissue injuries, deafness and loss of sight
  • General accident claims including claims for slips and trips and sports injury claims
  • Claims for psychological suffering, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Seasonal and environmental claims, including winter injury claims, maritime claims (for accidents sustained at sea) and aviation claims (for accidents sustained on aircraft)
  • Holiday accident claims (both in the UK and abroad), which include accidents and illnesses at sea, road traffic accidents abroad, hotel injuries and accidents, coach accidents and air accidents
  • Animal injury claims

Negligence claims

  • Medical negligence claims, including clinical negligence claims and brain injury claims
  • Birth injury claims
  • Cerebral palsy compensation claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims and claims for other surgery-related injuries and conditions
  • Claims against defective products, where injuries are sustained through poor quality control, manufacturing or other forms of production negligence
  • Industrial disease claims and other workplace accident claims, where injuries are sustained through professional negligence or failure to abide by appropriate health and safety protocols

Briefings from InjuryLawyers4U

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    Mrs Williams has a potential claim against two separate parties: Great Crest Care Home and Spotless Floors.

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