Indian market proves a tough nut to crack for non-domestic players

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  • Imperfect circle

    Even if the "magic circle" tag did make any sense (it barely holds water even in the UK), it's hardly deserved.

    The top four firms' prominence is the result of protectionist restrictions of the market - i.e. totally artificial.

    No doubt Amarchand et al produce quality work, but without competition there is hardly call for the self-congratulatory guff reproduced in this article.

    Let them prove themselves in an open, fair market.

    Giving Indian lawyers space to bang on about how jolly well they're doing just perpetuates the lie.

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  • Imperfect Circle

    I agree with Benny as to the tag 'magic circle' being artificial and ringing untrue.

    I disagree with the author. Khaitan and Deewanji Desai are not in the same league as Amarchand and AZB.

    I also think that you cannot underplay the important role that family and dynasty play in building the right connections that pull in work. The snapshot on Zia Mody confirms this (her dad was the Sol.Gen. of India).

    And lastly, it is these big Indian firms that are trying to keep their "best friends" in the international market outside the door and have formed a strong lobby group to prevent liberalizing the Indian market. Their family connections in the government and higher judiciary give them the access and tools they need to achieve this.

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  • Imperfect ability to read

    The US Qualified Indian Lawyer's credibility takes a massive hit when he or she cannot even spell correctly or get the name of Desai & Diwanji the right way round (when it is printed just above).

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