Kent Legal Services claims record year as £3.7m pumped back into council

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  • To Anonymous | 22-Aug-2013 11:42 am - your comment is rather rich and hypocritical when you yourself are hiding behind anonymity. I rather suspect that you are some kind of Kent insider trying to ensure this is spun correctly.

    I don't think that most of the comments here are based on jealously at all. People simply want to get to the straightforward truth: "profit" from your internal client is not profit at all. If all that £2.4 m profit is generated from your external clients, then hats off and well done - that is undoubtedly a good outcome for Kent rate-payers. Equally it is far better for Kent residents for legal spend to go to in-house lawyers and then be recycled back into the council rather than be lost to private practice firms.

    However from the rumours on the grapevine, the proportion of the profit from external clients is minimal. And the fact that this article (which really just reads as a Geoff Wild authorised press release) completely fails to distinguish between internal and external income rather backs up these rumours. More direct honesty and less misleading spin would show if Kent Legal Services genuinely deserve congratulations or whether this is yet another example of Geoff Wild's ability to somehow get the legal media to reprint his own nonsense.

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  • I think people deserve to know how this structure is compliant, otherwise public money is being put at risk.

    From what I've seen I think that KCC has employed too many staff to efficiently provide legal services to just Kent County Council. The salaries of the additional staff constitute a transfer of state resources. As long as KCC offer their services to the market they are an undertaking.

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  • I have only just seen this article and these "profit" figures released are quite strange. I would like to see a listed company traing to book a "profit" on its balance sheet for money paid to ist inhouse legal team and subsequently returned. Its auditors would have something to say about this.

    Kent County Council pays Kent Legal Services £12m.
    Kent Legal Services return £2.42m of the £12m to Kent County Council.
    Kent County Council makes £3.7m profit!

    This is some accounting straight out of Soviet Russia.

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  • The same questions surely apply to NNT Law. A law firm operating from the offices of Newcastle City Council, whose indemnity insurance comes from the Council and whose staff work at the Council.

    Curiously the Council claims they have too few lawyers to meet their core needs, but is able to rent staff out to local businesses.

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