Bring on the GC revolution


New general counsel and in-house lawyers in charge of panel reviews are making their mark in 2014, and it’s largely by chopping advisers off their panels.

The VW GC and the efficiency drive


As we report in this week’s in-house interview, Jim Trainor steers a lean process-driven machine to ensure all five of Volkswagen Group UK’s brands are covered within the legal department’s £800,000 budget.

Electrocomponents puts onus on associates for next panel review


Firms on electronics company Electrocomponents’ longstanding panel can expect a shake-up, according to general counsel Ian Haslegrave in this week’s in-house interview.

The many approaches to panel reviews


No two panel reviews are the same. And a couple of in-house teams that have unveiled new panels over the past week demonstrate this fact all too well.

The public sector in-house revolution


The spotlight has returned to public sector in-house teams following the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s approval of the first two ABSs for county council legal teams.

In-House Interview

Thomas HomeServe

In-house interview: Emma Thomas, HomeServe

15-Sep-2014 | By Margaret Taylor

Emma Thomas’s crisis management skills, honed at Britvic and Woolworths, gave her the expertise to put HomeServe’s house in order after a mis-selling scandal

VW Trainor

In-house interview: Jim Trainor, head of legal at VW UK

8-Sep-2014 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Jim Trainor reveals how he runs Volkswagen Group UK’s legal department like a well-oiled machine

Ian Haslegrave

In-house interview: Ian Haslegrave, GC, Electrocomponents

1-Sep-2014 | By Margaret Taylor

A yearning for pioneering digital work across international boundaries means Ian Haslegrave has found his niche at electronics company Electrocomponents

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