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Ilyashev & Partners was founded in 1997 at the dawn of Ukraine's independence. The development of the new state was accompanied by fundamental changes in the law. The enactment of many new regulations provided a constant challenge to every lawyer's expertise. New legal rules required not only an in-depth knowledge of the law but also the ability to apply the best methodology in the new legal and economic system. The most active lawyers like those of Ilyashev & Partners founded private law firms. In just a few years, Ilyashev & Partners has become renowned as one of Ukraine's leading law firms and has earned the trust of leading companies across a range of business sectors. Nowadays, Ilyashev & Partners provides services in almost every practice area to well-known European and US companies, leading Ukrainian companies and financial institutions, government agencies, law offices and consulting companies.

Ilyashev & Partners:

  • Understands the nature of a client's business
  • Approaches a client's challenges as if they were the firm's own
  • Remembers that each client is unique
  • Does not have the right to make a mistake

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English

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11 Kudryavska Street

Number of lawyers: 35
Total staff: 70