Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is unethical

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  • Fully human - nonsense!

    Does the author possess any ability to think originally, or did he or she simply transcribe the contents of some recent Catholic sermons?
    I will point out that an embryo is a collection of self-replicating cells; it has no brain, no consciousness, no memory - nothing that could render it sentient until it develops into a foetus. It follows that embryonic stem cell research inflicts zero suffering upon its 'victims', as the author would like to portray them. The law does indeed function to protect the vulnerable members of society - but an embryo is an aquatic parasite; it has not entered society.
    The comments about the Donaldson Report are particularly revealing. Nine years is, in fact, not a long time in science. Scientific research is time-consuming, expensive and painstaking - anyone who disagrees should refer to the research currently being undertaken to find treatments for cancer, diabetes, etc. Instead, the author uses this opportunity to make a public display of bombast and ignorance.

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