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  • Streamline e-discovery weblink

    Briefings | 28 March 2014

    Today’s corporations, law firms and government entities increasingly look to e-discovery solutions to help them respond to a legal matter, a legal hold request or an investigation.

  • E-discovery on your terms weblink

    Briefings | 28 March 2014

    A new self-service style of IT is emerging that can help you remove the IT burden and gain an optimal mix of control, speed, simplicity and cost.

  • Information governance: a very modern problem weblink

    Briefings | 27 March 2014

    Once considered a problem too complex and expensive to solve, information governance is experiencing a rebirth.

  • Why e-discovery should be a top priority for your organisation weblink

    Briefings | 28 January 2014

    E-discovery is a critical process that occurs early in civil litigation matters and involves the exchange of information between parties involved in a legal action.

  • Reining in escalating e-discovery costs weblink

    Briefings | 21 January 2014

    The proliferation of electronically stored information is driving legal departments to re-engineer dispute management to improve outcomes and lower risk.