How to stop litigants in person going mad: more funds needed

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  • The last comment is a ridiculously prejudiced little tirade most likely written by a lawyer.

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  • Pretty easy to read the self-serving lawyers comments here ey. Apart from that I empathize with everybody else here. Justice is a joke and the CYJCSS or whatever u call it should be funded BILLIONS as is Social Services for they are the most vexatious litigants on earth.

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  • Is there any remedy for justice as a LIT who had the judge against them from the word go and who awarded punitive costs even though the LIT (claimant) has never had a case before and was suing his letting and management agent who didn't bother to look after his property, but favoured the Tenant who was obviously a friend at least. Basically her ruling said that agents have no responsibility to ensure the tenants obey their obligations and can fail to account for monies received should they please. What can we do about this obvious injustice...or am I just naive in thinking that British courts were interested in dispensing justice and holding professionals to a standard?

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  • Where are all the mentions of the successful pre-action protocol settlements for Litigants in Person?
    Or aren't there any?

    Perhaps it is simply in my imagination but I would suggest that when it comes to the pre-action protocol brought by LitPs, the guidance is completely disregarded by the defendants, outright denials are the norm, and, to be honest, you are lucky if they even get read.

    LitPs are then forced into courts and are accused of clogging up the system?

    Perhaps the courts should take another look at how the pre-action system is being approached by defendants in LitP cases and ensuring that responses are as directed rather than simply being used as a delaying tactic. Perhaps if more attention were focused on ensuring issues were resolved at an earlier stage then the courts would not be faced with as many problems.

    Why should LitPs not be as determined as a defendant? Or is it simply that we used the term determined for a defendant and obsessional for a LitP?

    Of course we realise that Judges are not there to 'take sides.' Of course we realise that some litigants are simply vexatious - but I would hazzard a guess that, looking at the reasoned responses on here, most aren't.

    But I do thank the legal professionals who have posted - they have made it so very clear that they will stop at nothing to win, that they consider their opponent to be their enemy, that they have no respect for their opponent and that they put no value on human life.

    I thank you. I like to know exactly where the goalposts are so I can play by your rules.

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