Hillsborough families seek lawyer to oversee fresh investigations

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  • The original Hammonds File on this contained a number of police statements relating to overheard canteen gossip about items that had been "liberated" From the dead and injured. those making the statements were persuaded by Norman Bettison to withdraw on the grounds they were merely hearsay. ln addition it was noted that by-placing in the media the idea Liverpool fans stole from the bodies the impact of any statements that got out would be reduced.
    when Jack Straw's enquiry came along Peter Metcalf and Norman Bettison decidedltd any material in the file that had not been disclosed to the first enquiry should be shredded as they would confuse thu new enquiry.
    whether there was any connection between this and Hammonds not been found liable in the SFO enquiry into -Stephen Hinchcliffe (Hammonds had been told that since they had no written authority for transfers from subs to holding company they should return it all) or that despite being told they were liable for all HSSL's debts the partners of Hammonds Direct weren't asked by the administrators to cough up
    1 think that as a quid pro quo for covering up the trail proving the police were guilty of manslaughter at Hillsborough the partners of Hammonds have avoided liabilities of over £30m in relation to Stephen Hinchcliffe and the collapse of their bulk conveyancer Hammonds Direct.

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