Halliwells: future Manchester and London trainees left jobless

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  • As one of the trainees who was due to start in August with Halliwells in Manchester, I am obviously extremely disappointed to say the least to have been told that my training contract has been withdrawn.

    Given the small amount of future trainees that are affected, the fact that Hill Dickinson have taken on the trainees in the Liverpool and Sheffield offices, the fact that the trainees due to start in August have already been deferred for a year, and the fact that the business they were due to start in is still there, just under a new name, it is extremely disappointing that the two firms taking over the Manchester business have not been prepared to divide the future trainees between them.

    To add to the disappointment, the trainees due to start in August were actually part of the same intake who started in March and are keeping their training contracts. The ones who started in March were deferred for five months, and those due to start in August were deferred by ten months. The decision as to how long the deferral was to be for was by random ballot!

    We are now placed in an extremely difficult position, already a year after we were due to commence our training contracts. It would be nice to think that other law firms in Manchester would take the opportunity to step in and agree to take one or two trainees each, trainees who have already been through the Halliwells selection process and who have already obtained their LPC+. It would be great for the reputation of the firms who were prepared to do so, and also very much appreciated by the future trainees who otherwise risk having their legal careers ended before they have even begun, or at the least probably having to wait another two or three years to commence a training contract.

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  • Poetic justice!

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  • Maybe the time has finally come to offer some other route to qualifying as a solicitor than by training contract. Trainees have to have a law degree/diploma and the LPC to prepare them academically and practically. There could be an option to have a training contract as now (and salary) or a one year further training course (with payment of a fee). The Caribbean jurisdictions have no training contracts but they do have a 2 year practical course. People can then at least qualify and look for a job (n whatever field) as a qualified professional.

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  • Pat,

    Seriously do some research. You are very much out of date.

    I could dismantle your arguments easily.

    Lawyers do not earn good money. When you divide the average salary by the amount of hours they work then on an hourly basis they earn very little indeed. The work is increasingly being done by paralegals anyway.

    You are wrong on your energy arguments. You don't understand the issues which is very clear. Don't comment on things you do not know anything about. It's too complicated to explain but just research the issues.

    Wake up.

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  • Good for Hill Dickinson taking on trainees - there is some honour left in the profession then. SRA - it is NOT just a contractual issue - it is an issue of solicitors bringing the profession into disrepute and someone should surely look into the Spinningfields deal as £10M seems to have disappeared into a black hole!

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  • This is a prime example of why regulation should be taken away from the SRA and passed to the FSA.

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  • @Pat, best comment I have ever read on here!

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  • Advice to would be trainees

    1. Think laterally
    2. Get a group action started
    3. Think about a career in banking the bonuses are bigger and better and people respect bankers more now than they do lawyers
    4. Apply to be on The Apprentice
    5 Apply to be on Dragons Den
    6 Apply to be on A Simon Cowell show
    7 Apply to be on Jeremy Kyle show
    8 Write to your MP and your MEP
    9 Write to the Minister for Justice
    10 Think about a career in telesales
    11. Learn from this that nothing is certain and keep it in mind as a useful experience as you go through life
    12 Take up religion

    Good luck
    4. T

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  • The issue that these trainees and many law student can't seem to understand is that law is a saturated market.

    There are few opportunities.

    Students would have a better quality of life if they focused their energy on a career where demand is healthy

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  • What I find laughable is the fact that Halliwells told the trainees that they are not considered as assigned to geographical locations but rather as one intake.

    Nice to see that was merely guff.

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