Hague convention solicitor wins Spanish custody battle

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  • Good Job Mr. Lee,

    We need more cases like this for Abduction and overturning cases.
    I live in Japan and have a 9 years old son and have been denied equal access and human rights. I see my son, when his mother feels like it. every few months only for 2 hours in a park early in the morning on Sundays rain nor shine. I'm always waiting to hug him.

    I went to mediation courts 7 times, They didn't do their job. Japan has a faulty system. japan is the last G-8 country to sign the Hague convention. 34 years in the waiting. They always side with the Mother in Japan. (This needs to change!!)

    I hope in April. parents will have equal access to their deprived children.
    And thanks to people who keep up the fight to make sure justice is served.

    I haven't had a meal with my son since, he was 1 and a half years old and have only ever met him in a park. No Disneyland, No baseball games, No overnight visitations and I live in the same neighborhood.

    This is really appalling.
    There is a good movie I recommend about abduction in Japan. It's called "From the Shadows".

    Tim Johnston Japan
    Loving Father of:
    Kai Endo Japan

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