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  • Goodman Derrick — a review of 2012 weblink

    Briefings | 31 December 2012

    Goodman Derrick looks back at its achievements over the past year.

  • Can a warranty also be a representation? weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    The High Court has recently considered whether express warranties in a share purchase agreement could also amount to representations by the sellers.

  • Introduction to employee-ownership weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Businesses can engage people to work for them on many different terms. They may have full-time, part-time or fixed-term employees, workers or self-employed individuals.

  • Employment law - What to expect in 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    2012 has been a very busy year in employment law, with significant changes to the law surrounding pensions, sick leave and paid holiday and the minimum wage.

  • Employment news — hotel and leisure sector January 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Goodman Derrick LLP has acted for clients in the hotel and leisure industry for many years and the Employment Department recognises that this sector is heavily reliant on its staff.

  • Excessive director remuneration weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Section 994 of the Companies Act 2006 gives the shareholders of a company the right to issue proceedings against that company where they feel that the company has been or is being conducted in a manner that is unfairly prejudicial to the shareholders.

  • Executive remuneration: changes in 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Coming reforms intend to ‘strengthen the hand of shareholders to challenge excessive pay’ and include the introduction of a binding vote on a company’s future pay policy.

  • Gifts out of surplus income weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Most people will know that they are entitled to give £3,000 in any one year (or £6,000 if they have not made a gift in the previous year) without there being any inheritance tax implications.

  • HR frequently asked questions — January 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    Employers and their Human Resources advisers face constant difficulties in trying to avoid potential pitfalls posed by current employment and discrimination law.

  • Important changes relating to litigation costs weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    There is a widely held view that lawyers will do anything for money and nothing without it.

  • Litigation landscape in 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    We previously reported on a number of key changes to litigation funding envisaged by Lord Justice Jackson in his Review of Civil Litigation Costs.

  • Property update: coming up in 2013 weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    On the 5th of December, George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement to the Commons, with little Christmas cheer.

  • Statutory underpinning of professional conduct weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    The first act of a dictator seeking to crush dissent, perhaps before even abolishing the free press and blocking the internet, would be to control lawyers.

  • UK copyright changes weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    The Government state that the current copyright legislation appears to hinder the reasonable use of copyright protected works and is outdated in the digital age.

  • When is a house not a house…? weblink

    Briefings | 31 January 2013

    The word “enfranchisement” is used in many contexts. Generally, it refers either to the acquisition of a freehold or an extension to the term of a long lease.

  • Draft Finance Bill 2013: Implications for high-value UK residential property weblink

    Briefings | 5 February 2013

    The publication last month of the draft clauses to be included in the Finance Bill 2013 due to come into force this April confirmed the measures proposed for the taxation of high value residential property in the 2012 Budget.

  • Design copyright reform: the Hargreaves process bears further fruit? weblink

    Briefings | 20 February 2013

    The IPO has produced an impact assessment that will lead to the repeal of Section 52 of the Copyright and Designs Act and Patent Act of 1988.

  • Government set to make changes to UK copyright legislation weblink

    Briefings | 20 February 2013

    The government has published its final response to the Copyright Consultation.

  • Managing sickness weblink

    Briefings | 21 February 2013

    Goodman Derrick sets out some useful reminders on how to deal with sickness absence.

  • Conditions to break clauses have become slimmer and more focused weblink

    Briefings | 22 February 2013

    In recent years, there has been an increasing acceptance that if break clause conditions are too broad, it makes the break in any real sense unworkable, or at least easily open to challenge.

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