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  • Tweeting hell! weblink

    Briefings | 23 January 2015

    The behaviour of employees on social media and an employer’s ability to discipline inappropriate behaviour has been a hot topic for some time.

  • New year — new rules weblink

    Briefings | 23 January 2015

    Since they were brought in there have been 23 sets of amends to the Insolvency Rules 1986. In 2015/16 the landscape of insolvency legislation will once again change.

  • Insolvency set-off weblink

    Briefings | 21 January 2015

    Is it possible for a party to deduct a debt owed to it under one contract from a debt owing to it under another?

  • Is the relationship ‘unfair’? The court and the Consumer Credit Act weblink

    Briefings | 21 January 2015

    The court has a wide power under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) to re-open credit agreements made between an individual debtor/borrower and a creditor/lender if it finds that the relationship is ‘unfair;...

  • Planning update — January 2015 weblink

    Briefings | 21 January 2015

    Gateley’s update offers headline-hitting news you need to know about, changes coming up in the law, landmark rulings and details of events and seminars you might be interested in.

  • Trainees’ New Year resolutions weblink

    Briefings | 21 January 2015

    Gateley’s trainees have put together some resolutions for you to follow in order to build on your success at work or law school.

  • Help! My dividend was unlawful weblink

    Briefings | 20 January 2015

    A company may decide to return surplus cash to its shareholders. The simplest method involves the payment of a cash dividend, but are there any restrictions on a company’s ability to do this?

  • Modernising insolvency in the EU weblink

    Briefings | 19 January 2015

    Moves are underway to change the insolvency landscape to make it easier for the rescue of businesses operating across member states to be implemented...

  • Act today… literally! Energy performance of non-domestic buildings weblink

    Briefings | 16 January 2015

    The Department for Communities and Local Government has announced that it intends to publish approximately 723,000 records relating to the energy performance of non-domestic buildings.

  • Service charge: it's no party weblink

    Briefings | 15 January 2015

    ’Landlords have reason to pause for thought when it comes to service charge recovery following a recent decision.

  • Return to sender: returning value to shareholders weblink

    Briefings | 15 January 2015

    Returning value to shareholders has become a hot topic in recent years.

  • Looking ahead: employment law developments in 2015 weblink

    Briefings | 14 January 2015

    What employment law developments will make the headlines in the first half of 2015? Gateley employment associate Chris Davies gives us his predictions for the months ahead.

  • Liquidators: the power of necessary weblink

    Briefings | 14 January 2015

    The powers of a liquidator in winding-up a company are set out in Schedule 4 of the Insolvency Act, which all IPs will be familiar with.

  • The need to be FIT: the FCA's ‘fit and proper’ test weblink

    Briefings | 13 January 2015

    On 15 December 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority issued a final notice in respect of Jonathan Burrows, a managing director and ‘approved person’ in a well-known investment company.

  • Should counsel be involved in mediations? weblink

    Briefings | 13 January 2015

    This week Colin Russ provides top tips in relation to counsel being involved in mediation.

  • Here comes the sun: solar panels weblink

    Briefings | 12 January 2015

    Will it be all right if you are thinking of using the sun by installing solar panels on your property?

  • Government calls time on uncollected debts weblink

    Briefings | 9 January 2015

    Deciding how to deal with uncollected debts is something which many businesses have to face. It is also a problem which the governme...

  • New Year resolutions: what BIS, HM Treasury, HMRC and the Takeover Panel will do in 2015 weblink

    Briefings | 8 January 2015

    In this blog post we look at what The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, HM Treasury, HMRC and the Takeover Panel are going to do differently in 2015.

  • It’s all in the name: changing company names weblink

    Briefings | 8 January 2015

    On 30 December 2014 the Cabinet Office announced that the government’s red tape drive had saved business £10bn in the past four years.

  • A statement piece: Autumn Statement 2014 weblink

    Briefings | 7 January 2015

    This briefing details some of the relevant construction points from the Statement.

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