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Freshfields banks on White & Case rebels

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  • $$ and W&C

    Money and W&C were always like oil and water. They always said they were competitive in the field and paid just like all the other big law firms.
    This is whether you're a partner, an associate or part of general administration. They are not competitive and do NOT pay like other firms.
    There are a lot of ex-W&C employees that can testify.

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  • Money Talks

    After all the raking about for the real reason for Maurice's departure, this may nail it: if UK partners at W&C are really paid in dollars then one can see that all this talk of management spats etc have nothing to do with it (or was it just perhaps a smokescreen to add dignity to the cash-related departures). Any W&C partner in the UK paid in dollars would likely be better off in a firm that paid in pounds. Considering the dollar is expected to weaken against the pound for the next year or two it would be no surprise if there wasn't a mass exodus to sterling-paying firms. Must be tough to get your quarterly lump sum of dollars only to see it drop in value before you can even spend it.

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  • Hmmmmm......

    Hasn't Maurice Allen done this twice before?

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  • Perry Noble's comment

    Surely it isn't just me who finds Perry Noble's comment completely bizarre in the context of Freshfields' practcial strategyfor the last 2 years? How on earth does losing a ton of finance partners square with buidling a first rate banking practice?

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  • W&C de facto de-equitization

    It is banal to say that the W&C partners in London are attracted to the pound; currency disparities lie at the heart of W&C's reporting of PEP in dollars.

    The more fundamental problems go to the massive inefficiencies in associate/partner effective productivity levels (the associates are notably inefficient producers at W&C, on a comparitive basis) and the profound malaise suffered by junior partners and mid-level partners who are being de-equitized on a de factor basis (i.e., they are being shoved, if not kicked, down the W&C pyramid of tiered equity partners).

    The W&C London team is commercial, savvy and dynamic - W&C, generally, is not.

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