Freeze on CPS training scheme continues

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  • What's needed is a complete overhaul of the working culture in the public sector, although it'll never happen.

    Public sector lawyers won't work the same hours as their counterparts in the private sector and are often paid better despite this.

    It's also likely that the CPS doesn't have the same level of efficiency as the private sector, a further cause of unnecessary waste. I know of numerous government offices where a person is paid solely to write down phone messages, a voicemail system would be considerably cheaper and eliminate that "job". Of course, that wouldn't quite accord with Labour's policy of creating voters through creating pointless jobs.

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  • What utter nonsense, IHateBPP.

    Firstly, since when have public sector lawyers been better than their private sector counterparts? I must have missed that development.

    The appeal of public sector work is:

    1. It's normally doing something for the public good;
    2. It's a regular 9-5.30 working day.

    If anything, the downside is the remuneration.

    Secondly, the idea that all waste can be eliminated, in either the public or private sector, is frankly hilarious. Waste of some kind is an innate part of business or administration. It is unavoidable.

    All parties are anti-waste. Every rational person, (with the possible exception of a binman) is anti-waste.

    I'm sure, however, that you could find £40bn of savings by "cutting red tape and waste".

    Populist nonsense.

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  • My boyfriend is a public lawyer and sometimes he works after 7 pm and even during weekends preparing cases. I am sure he does not earn the same as solicitors in the private sector.

    That's a really silly comment IhateBPP!

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  • I agree completely with Pupil - as someone who has chosen to go into public sector work for the reasons stated above, I turned down a commercial training contract. The difference in salary between the commercial TC and the public sector TC is over 10,000 pounds, with the difference in pay on qualification much higher. Obviously the higher paid one was the commercial training contract.

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  • Well said PUPIL

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  • I hope you had another training contract lined up when you turned down the commercial one, otherwise that was a really bad move.

    iHateBPP you're talking absolute rubbish,
    I agree with Pupil.

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  • I almost feel compelled to support iHateBPP for the sake of supporting the underdog! What a stupid post! I really admire lawyers in the public sector, their hours are often just a dreadful and the pay is dire in comparison.

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  • But what of the pension, my father was a local government lawyer and has retired at 64 with a pension of £23K for life and a lump of over £50K

    He admits he could never have afforded the contributions to get this in the private sector even if he was on 50% higher pay.

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