Food next to go as Clifford Chance tightens belt

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  • pork pies

    Fair enough - I have on many an occasion lined my stomach cheaply or for free on the client before meeting my mates for a booze-up.

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  • Scran

    Annoying for those at CC whose lunches are going to cost more - but food is still available all day and probably still cheaper than leaving the office.

    For evening meals, I would think that if people don't need to work late, they would rather go home and eat rather than hang out in the canteen, and if they do have to work, it's (presumably?) recharged to the relevant client, so evening increases won't affect them.

    Of course, the increase in price might be due to people "lining their stomach cheaply or on the client before going for a booze-up" rather than using the evening canteen for what it's intended for...

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  • cake

    let them eat cake

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  • nice perk if you can get it

    Dear 'Anonymous' below: have you never eaten in the canteen after working flat out all day and then going to the gym?

    And some firms have free food every night, irrespective of whether you're working for a client or not.

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  • Tightening belts?

    I thought the associate salaries were just increased...? I wonder if they had to cut back on food subsidies for all the staff to pad the associate paychecks...

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  • well 'duhh'!

    90 per cent of evening meals are charged back to clients, as pointed out below ... so I'm sure all the CC associates are shrugging and saying so what?

    Eveyone enjoys a laugh at the top dog's expense, but this, and the taxi subsidiary story, are just attempts to make a funny front-page story out of essentially nothing. (I did like that headline though -- CC Rides The Bus -- ha ha!)

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  • Enjoy clients

    CC clients should negotiate what associates can eat ;-)

    What about introducing a charge for toilet paper ?

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  • Regional firm in West Yorkshire

    I work in a 230 staff firm. I can take as many clients, contacts and prospective clients as I want for lunch, in some of Yorkshires most exclusive places. The firm pays. None of this magic circle canteen crap...

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  • What about the support staff ...

    Are they really going to up salaries by 6% to cover the increase in lunch costs ... I very much doubt it!

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  • It won't matter anyway!

    This is part of Clifford Chance's drive to reduce costs, which include outsourcing their complete London and European IT Department and secretarial work to India in the next 12 months all for progress and costs saving - even though CC make more money in profit every year...

    Am I surprised? Not really: the senior IT management in the company would not know an IT strategy if it landed on their heads and are being led by a bumbling idiot.

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  • Concentrate on the £££s

    ... not the pennies. I have never seen such a shocking waste of IT budget as at CC - perhaps we should look at the waste of millions of pounds of failed IT iniatives rather than the pennies saved in cutting back on sandwiches!

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  • Bin the records staff, not the sandwiches

    Or perhaps we could save money on all these pointless managers in Business Operations and Records who are getting good salaries for what they do - but for what? Do we really need up to 20 records staff and two supervisers and a manager who actually doesn't seem to do anything?

    From what I hear and see they don't have much to do and with the intro of file and go, etc, here is a good focus for us to cut more costs, not our sandwiches.

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  • Inspirational

    yup, the managing partner only talks to us to tell us off - either too many missing timesheets, too many taxis, now we are eating too much food. Really feel valued.

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  • Records Costs

    Re the anonymous comment about the cost of records staff, if the person posting understood the risks to any firm not having a good records team / policy in place, they'd realise it's a small price to pay.

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  • Still good value

    Well, even with the 6 per cent increase I can get an excellent meal here for less than it would cost me to make it at home. (It would be nice to get a 6 per cent pay rise though...)

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  • CC canteen food - please don't supersize me

    I used to work at CC and the canteen food was mostly overcooked cardboard - they should pay people to eat it!

    This latest move follows earlier bold strategic initiatives in 2002 such as stopping biscuits for internal meetings. If people are giving hours of their life to help the firm by working late, can't the firm even afford to pay for a taxi to take them home?

    CC is out of touch with reality and will have to crawl out of a deep hole later if it does not start treating people (including clients) much better now.

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  • Food, glorious food.

    Re the previous post (11.19), I think you'll find CC actually does lovely biscuits for its internal meetings, which even appear to have been baked on the premises. And at Christmas they also do very tasty mince pies and yule logs. That' s better home cooking than I get at home!

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