DLA Piper receives individual lawyer and practice rankings in 2013 Chambers USA

DLA Piper has received 177 individual lawyer and 64 practice rankings in the latest annual Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business publication.

The Chambers USA rankings are based on extensive research conducted by Chambers and Partners Legal Publishers.

In 2013, DLA Piper ranked in the first tier in 10 national and regional areas of practice, including:

  • Franchising, nationally
  • Retail, nationally
  • Corporate/commercial in Washington
  • Corporate/M&A in Arizona and Maryland
  • Litigation: general commercial in Maryland
  • Real estate in Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, DC
  • Technology: corporate and commercial in Texas

DLA Piper ranked in the second tier in:

  • Corporate/M&A: highly regarded, nationally
  • Government: government relations, nationally
  • Investment funds: venture capital, nationally
  • Leisure and hospitality, nationally
  • Privacy and data security, nationally
  • Real estate, nationally
  • Sports law, nationally
  • Employee benefits and executive compensation in Maryland
  • Insurance: transactional and regulatory in Illinois
  • Intellectual property: trademark, copyright and trade secrets in Washington, DC
  • IT and outsourcing in California
  • Real estate in California and Maryland
  • Technology and outsourcing in Illinois

DLA Piper ranked in the third tier in:

  • Intellectual property, nationally
  • Outsourcing, nationally
  • Products liability and mass torts, nationally
  • Bankruptcy/restructuring in Delaware and Florida
  • Corporate/M&A in New Jersey and Northern Virginia
  • Corporate/M&A and private equity in Illinois and Washington, DC
  • Intellectual property in California and Illinois
  • Labour and employment in Maryland
  • Latin American investment in Florida
  • Life sciences in California
  • Litigation: securities in California
  • Real estate in Florida and Texas
  • Real estate: mainly corporate and finance in New York
  • Real estate: mainly dirt in New York
  • Tax in California

DLA Piper ranked in the fourth tier in:

  • Capital markets: REITs, nationally
  • Construction, nationally
  • Energy: oil and gas (transactional), nationally
  • Government: government contracts, nationally
  • International trade: intellectual property (Section 337), nationally
  • Investment funds: private equity: fund formation, nationally
  • Life sciences, nationally
  • Tax controversy, nationally
  • Bankruptcy/restructuring in Illinois
  • Corporate/M&A: highly regarded in New York
  • Corporate/M&A in Georgia, northern California and southern California
  • Environment in Washington, DC
  • Intellectual property in Texas
  • Litigation: general commercial in Washington

DLA Piper ranked in the fifth tier in:

  • International arbitration, nationally
  • International trade, nationally
  • Tax: corporate and finance, nationally
  • Litigation: general commercial in Illinois

The 177 individual DLA Piper lawyer rankings cited by Chambers USA are listed below, along with the regions and areas of law for which they were selected.


  • Gregg M Galardi, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Robert H Bergdolt, capital markets: REITs
  • Lee Alexander, energy: oil and gas (regulatory and litigation)
  • Jack J Langlois, energy: oil and gas (transactional)
  • Michael G Brennan, franchising
  • Stuart Hershman, franchising
  • Norman Leon, franchising
  • Bret Lowell, franchising
  • Richard J Morey, franchising
  • Joseph W Sheyka, franchising
  • Dennis E Wieczorek, franchising
  • Erik B Wulff, franchising
  • Tao Xu, franchising
  • Philip F Zeidman, franchising
  • Richard P Rector, government: government contracts
  • Carl Lee Vacketta, government: government contracts
  • James J Blanchard, government: government relations
  • John A Merrigan, government: government relations
  • Thomas M Boyd, government: government relations and privacy and data security
  • William Minor, government: political law
  • Cedric Chao, international arbitration
  • Richard Newcomb, international trade: export controls and economic sanctions
  • Mark D Fowler, international trade: intellectual property (Section 337)
  • David A Goldstein, investment funds: private equity: fund formation
  • Jeffrey M Leavitt, investment funds: venture capital
  • Jeffrey K Lehrer, investment funds: venture capital
  • Sandra Y Kellman, leisure and hospitality
  • Mark F Radcliffe, outsourcing
  • Vincent Sanchez, outsourcing
  • James J Halpert, privacy and data security
  • Jennifer Kashatus, privacy and data security
  • Loren H Brown, products liability and mass torts
  • Joseph A Tato, projects
  • James Beard, real estate
  • Jay Epstien, real estate
  • Frederick L Klein, real estate
  • Charles H Baker, sports law
  • Mark Whitaker, sports law
  • Peter C White, sports law
  • Ellis L Reemer, tax controversy
  • Stanley McDermott III, transportation: shipping: litigation (New York)


  • Greg R Hall, corporate/M&A
  • David P Lewis, corporate/M&A
  • Steven D Pidgeon, corporate/M&A
  • Mark A Nadeau, litigation: general commercial


  • Bradley J Gersich, corporate/M&A: northern California
  • Henry Lesser, corporate/M&A: northern California
  • Jay Rains, corporate/M&A: southern California
  • Curtis L Mo, corporate/M&A: venture capital
  • John Allcock, intellectual property: patent
  • Lisa A Haile, intellectual property: patent and life sciences: IP/patent litigation
  • Victoria Lee, IT and outsourcing
  • Mark F Radcliffe, IT and outsourcing
  • Beni Surpin, IT and outsourcing
  • Howard Clowes, life sciences: corporate/commercial
  • Bruce W Jenett, life sciences: corporate/commercial
  • Shirli Fabbri Weiss, litigation: securities
  • George L O’Connell, litigation: white-collar crime and government investigations
  • Stephen A Cowan, real estate
  • Michael D Hamilton, real estate
  • Michael E Meyer, real estate
  • David Colker, tax
  • Sang Kim, tax


  • Stuart M Brown, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Gregg M Galardi, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Craig Martin, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • John L Reed, chancery
  • Denise Kraft, intellectual property

District of Columbia

  • Frank (Rusty) Conner, corporate/M&A and private equity
  • Jeffrey R Houle, corporate/M&A and private equity
  • Sarah E Kahn, corporate/M&A and private equity
  • Richard J Marks, corporate/M&A and private equity
  • Michael Reed, corporate/M&A and private equity
  • Deborah E Jennings, environment
  • Gina M Zawitoski, environment
  • Joseph Lavelle, intellectual property: litigation
  • Ann K Ford, intellectual property: trademark, copyright and trade secrets
  • Earl J Silbert, litigation: white-collar crime and government investigations
  • Jay Epstien, real estate
  • Jeffrey R Keitelman, real estate
  • Frederick L Klein, real estate
  • Alan Winston Granwell, tax


  • Carlos Loumiet, banking and finance: transactional and Latin American investment
  • Craig Rasile, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Andrew Zaron, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Joshua Kaye, healthcare
  • Frederick McClure, litigation: general commercial
  • Michael Bedke, real estate
  • Michael Silva, tax


  • Robert L Crewdson, construction
  • Joseph Alexander, corporate/M&A
  • Joseph Silver, corporate/M&A
  • Mark E Grantham, litigation: general commercial
  • Paul N Monnin, litigation: white-collar crime
  • M Maxine Hicks, real estate


  • Richard A Chesley, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Christopher L Dickerson, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Alan P Solow, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Neal Aizenstein, corporate/M&A
  • Andrew L Weil, corporate/M&A
  • Steven V Napolitano, corporate/M&A: private equity
  • Stephen W Schwab, insurance: dispute resolution: reinsurance and insurance: transactional and regulatory
  • David Mendelsohn, insurance: transactional and regulatory
  • Mark I Feldman, intellectual property
  • Christina Martini, intellectual property
  • Keith Medansky, intellectual property
  • Michael J Sheehan, labour and employment
  • Joseph Collins, litigation: general commercial
  • James Beard, real estate
  • Charles L Edwards, real estate
  • David Glickstein, real estate
  • Theodore Novak, real estate and real estate: zoning and leasing
  • Richard F Klawiter, real estate: zoning and leasing
  • David L Reifman, real estate: zoning and leasing
  • Sachin A Lele, technology and outsourcing
  • Vincent Sanchez, technology and outsourcing


  • Wm David Chalk, corporate/M&A
  • Kelly Tubman Hardy, corporate/M&A
  • Jason C Harmon, corporate/M&A
  • Jay Smith Jr, corporate/M&A
  • Mark Muedeking, employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Linda Marotta Thomas, employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Russell H Gardner, labour and employment
  • Richard M Kremen, litigation: bankruptcy
  • Neil Dilloff, litigation: general commercial
  • Brett Ingerman, litigation: general commercial
  • James D Mathias, litigation: general commercial
  • Robert J Mathias, litigation: general commercial
  • Charles P Scheeler, litigation: general commercial
  • Guy E Flynn, real estate
  • Richard E Levine, real estate


  • Joseph A Hugg, employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Howard S Rosenblum, private equity: fund formation
  • Itai Nevo, private equity: venture capital Investment
  • John Rattigan Jr, real estate
  • Richard D Rudman, real estate
  • John L Sullivan, real estate
  • Elliot M Surkin, real estate

 New Jersey

  • Andrew P Gilbert, corporate/M&A
  • Andrew O Bunn, litigation: general commercial

 New York

  • Thomas Califano, bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Bob Alessi, environment
  • Aidan McCormack, insurance: dispute resolution: insurer
  • Michael Murphy, insurance: dispute resolution: insurer
  • Paul R Gupta, intellectual property: patent
  • Drew Wintringham, intellectual property: patent
  • Andrew H Levy, real estate
  • Martin D Polevoy, real estate
  • Jeffrey B Steiner, real estate: finance

Northern Virginia

  • Jeffrey K Lehrer, corporate/M&A
  • James M Heintz, intellectual property
  • Dale S Lazar, intellectual property
  • Tara Lee, litigation: general commercial


  • James R Nelson, antitrust
  • Aaron Fountain, intellectual property
  • John M Guaragna, intellectual property
  • Frank E Sheeder, healthcare
  • Claudia Wilson Frost, litigation: appellate
  • Jay Hailey, real estate
  • Philip D Weller, real estate
  • John J Gilluly III, technology: corporate and commercial
  • Paul E Hurdlow, technology: corporate and commercial
  • James L Montgomery, technology: corporate and commercial
  • Philip Russell, technology: corporate and commercial
  • Sam Zabaneh, technology: corporate and commercial


  • Trenton Dykes, corporate/commercial
  • Michael Hutchings, corporate/commercial
  • John M Steel, corporate/commercial
  • Steven R Yentzer, corporate/commercial
  • Andrew Escobar, litigation: general commercial
  • Stellman Keehnel, litigation: general commercial
  • John W Wolfe, litigation: white-collar crime and government investigations
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