Tesco’s technical director attends Walker Morris’s Food Leadership Dinner

Walker Morris has held its third Food Leadership Dinner at the Cedar Court Hotel in York, which was attended by key figures from the UK food and drink sector.

More than 25 chairmen, chief executives, finance directors and other senior executives from across the food and drink industry were led in a discussion by Tim Smith, Tesco Group technical director, on ‘What burgers taught us’. The discussion examined the lessons learnt by the industry following a number of supply chain incidents such as the horsemeat scandal.

Smith was the public face of Tesco during the horsemeat scandal, having joined Tesco only three months earlier from the Food Standards Authority (FSA) where he was chief executive. At the FSA, which he joined in 2008, Smith was credited with introducing a more consensus-driven style, following repeated clashes between the regulator and industry.

Richard Naish, head of the food and drink group at Walker Morris, said that a couple of key themes that came out of the discussions were rationalisation of the supply chain and the increasing digitalisation of consumer behaviour.

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