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No5 Chambers’ Chelvan interviewed for news item about gay asylum claims

S Chelvan of No5 Chambers has been interviewed for a news item that was broadcast on Channel 4 News on 28 March. 

The news item — ‘Is the UK doing enough for gay asylum claims?’ — was able to announce that, as a result of recent media attention regarding inappropriate interview techniques that asked sexually explicit questions, the home secretary has asked the chief inspector of borders and immigration John Vine to conduct a review of asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation.  

Chelvan was due to meet the Home Office to discuss how they can use his difference, stigma, shame and harm (DSSH) model, which has been endorsed by the UNHCR and adopted by the governments of New Zealand and Sweden, to provide a humane approach in establishing a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) asylum claim.

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