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Mime is money: email management

By Eddie Reich

Mimes have a bad rap. Apart from the legendary Marcel Marceau, mimes have largely been relegated to a fraternity of street performers whom most people try to avoid. Sure, there was Mummenschanz back in the ‘70s and Morty the Mime (a.k.a. Billy Crystal) from Spinal Tap, but beyond that people don’t seem to have much use for mimes.

But let me offer a defence of at least one kind of mime — the one that guards our inboxes. To avoid inboxes being overrun with spam and malware, most firms employ a filter — Mimecast and Postini are two examples — that attempts to sort wheat from chaff. Like all mimes, these filters can be, well, annoying. But it’s better than the alternative. Efficiency experts have for years been warning about the time-suck created by email. One recent survey estimated that 28 per cent of time in an average work week is spent reviewing and responding to email…

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