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Jordans publishes ‘Doyle & Keay’s Insolvency Legislation: Annotations & Commentary’

The fourth edition of Doyle & Keay’s Insolvency Legislation: Annotations & Commentary, written by Kings Chambers members and insolvency specialists Louis Doyle and Prof Andrew Keay, was published by Jordans in March 2014.

The new edition follows the third edition published in 2009 and takes account of numerous developments in both personal and corporate insolvency in that time. It features a foreword by the vice-chancellor, the Honourable Mr Justice Norris.

The commentary has now been approved of in a number of reported decisions and is regularly used by both practitioners and judges. The new edition is of particular significance as the text will now also be available as part of the Jordans Insolvency Online service and will be updated half-yearly.

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