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Intellectual property

Minter Ellison’s intellectual property team is at the forefront of intellectual property development globally. Our large and diverse team advises on the creation, acquisition, commercialisation, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and has forged an enduring reputation working with leading local and global organisations.

Leveraging intellectual capital to create a business edge is a key driver for business globally. The laws protecting intellectual property, including copyright, trade marks, patents, designs and trade secrets, are increasingly complex.

Branding is the key IP driver for industries such as food, wine, household products, luxury goods, apparel, cosmetics, financial services, aviation and telecommunications. We clear new brands, register and maintain trademark portfolios and enforce registered trademarks and reputation rights. We work with our clients’ marketing and management teams on advertising strategies, clearing product performance claims, watching competitors’ conduct and defending challenges.

For content and technology in media, entertainment, education and services, our copyright lawyers negotiate and arbitrate licensing disputes, counsel and advise, strategically oversee policy reform discussions and enforce copyright against infringers, including counterfeiters.

In the patent-critical sectors of mainstream pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and development and manufacturing, our technology-savvy lawyers counsel on patenting strategies, litigate, and transact licensing, partnering and other commercialisation deals. We counsel on compliance and represent companies under investigation or challenge in these highly regulated sectors. We litigate intellectual property validity and infringement issues, particularly in patents.

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