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Christie-Miller, Rod

Rod Christie-Miller is a partner and the firm’s chief executive, specialising in safeguarding the privacy and reputations of corporations, brands and public figures, particularly in the world of international business and politics.  

Rod Christie-Miller

In addition to his responsibilities for strategic development of the business, he is also heavily engaged in developing client and referrer relationships. In his client work, much of his focus is international in nature. 

While many of the matters Christie-Miller works on have a media element, he often advises on threats to reputation and privacy that emanate from non-media sources such as malicious insiders, disgruntled business partners or simply someone with an axe to grind. In every instance, the ability to offer practical legal advice at speed is vital. 

He says: ‘The way you handle someone who is attacking your reputation can have as dramatic an effect on the way people regard you as the attack itself. Too hasty and heavy handed and you risk the wrath of “backlash 2.0”. But dither and don’t act decisively and we all know just how fast bad news can travel.’

This content was originally sourced from the Schillings website.

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