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Field Fisher lays off another seven fee-earners

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    I am assuming that the majority of people responding to this article and stating that it's a good move to not include non-law students are actually law students. There seems to be an element of either envy or bitterness. If all the law students are so amazing then surely there would be no need to hire the non-law students.
    Moreover, it is invalid to say that 'law degrees are harder than other degrees' - this is of course a ridiculous generalization. It depends entirely on the university and the particular course which you're studying. I am currently studying English (which according to many people is 'useless') at the best university for it in the country and contrary to popular belief I do actually have to work. I actually have more lectures and classes than the law students. It is much harder to get in for English here and so possibly the point that is being overlooked is that clever people who will make good lawyers don't all just decide to do law.
    Doing a subject outside of law allows one a breadth and depth that law students do not have. My verbal reasoning, analytical and essay-writing skills are superior to those of law students.
    One must realize that taking solely law students would close down the market.

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