Ex-Halliwells Sheffield staff celebrate new start with musical video

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  • Given the fall-out from the Halliwells crash this is as appropriate as lap-dancing at a funeral.
    Once the ex-Halliwells partners get mired in the inevitable litigation they can follow it up with "Another One Bites The Dust."

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  • Lets hope the administrator does not ask Freddie Mercury for some of the royalties back taken from the Spinningfields sessions otherwise he could be under pressure.

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  • Correct me if I am wrong but Isn't the head of that office one of the former Halliwells Full Members who pocketed her share (£500K?) of the £20m kickback which ruined Halliwells? If so, funny how Ian Austin is (very rightly) being pilloried but others who shared in that decision/shared in the rewards are not. Hopefully all those who have lost their jobs at Hallwells will enjoy the video.

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  • Lost for words..truly, truly awful

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  • “We’re ordinary people who do our job, but we like to do it with a smile on our faces. This is who we are and we’re fun, we’re having a good time."
    I guess launching this video, in the week that loyal people lost their jobs speaks volumes about this quote and the lack of compassion from individuals who a matter of a week or so ago were colleagues of those impacted.

    Never mind - it sounds like so long as its for internal use only then you can be as crass as you like.

    Shame on you all.

    I see that at least someone has had the taste to remove the material from public view. At the time of removal over a 1000 views had occurred. If the other 999+ people viewing this were informed of the context that this video was filmed in, I can only hope, that they do not think think this is how the rest of us in the industry behave.

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  • As tactless as it is ill-timed. What were they thinking of?

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  • These people (and especially the management that sanctioned this video) are giving a bad name to a firm that is very quickly establishing itself as a leading firm within the city.
    Lets hope these people soon realise that they are now a part of a well run and professional establishment and that their behaviour and conduct should be modified accordingly.

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  • Its funny. Lighten up everybody. You can be professional and have fun. Why are lawyers so boring!

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  • "Anonymous | 28-Jul-2010 9:48 am
    Its funny. Lighten up everybody. You can be professional and have fun. Why are lawyers so boring!"
    It's not funny in context, as the 100+ people who've lost their jobs as a result of the Halliwells debacle will no doubt agree.

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  • When my four year daughter died did anything stop? Did Christmas stop? Did celebrations stop. No life carried on.

    I have to say anyone negative against such a video is probably just bitter and to be honest needs to get a life.

    Because that's the thing isn't it. Life goes on. It does not stop.

    A murder, a rape, an assault a death life goes on.

    These people are celebrating an office and being together nothing wrong with that.

    I think you should all get over yourself. I have just been through the hardest 4 years of my life since my little girl died. Nobody stopped for me you know.

    What that video shows to me - is a great team spirit.
    It makes me sick the small minded people out there who have have nothing better to do than dwell and take things out of context.

    If they can acheive something positive out of the horrible situation that Halliwells partners put them in then good for them.

    70 + jobs saved - thats a reason to celebrate don't you think. I certainly would be if I worked there.

    4 times I have been made redundant. I wish anyone luck to those that made it and got a job. Good for them.

    Would I want work from a law firm that does something so positive and has team work like that - damn right I would.

    Whats the alternative a bunch of boring people slagging off them and calling them names. HMMM I know which company I would choose.

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