Eversheds launches fresh redundancy talks

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  • Season's Greetings from 'a great place to work'

    Merry Christmas to all..and sling yer hook before Christmas so we don't have to pay you for the bank holidays.

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  • Eversheds ... and sheds ... and sheds...

    Reading these posts I am SO glad I made the decision to go on my own all those years ago. Working for a firm like this is selling your soul and then getting asked for a refund.

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  • "A great place to work" & "Diversity"

    Its so true that this firm sucks the life out of you and then disposes of you without any hesitation - so much for their value of 'a great place to work' - I should know as I was made redundant during phase 1.

    Those Partners you work alongside stab you in the back to save their own skin - but for how long? Its about the partners heads started to roll - for every one a dozen support/assistant employees will be able to continue to meet their motgage payments!

    And as for 'diversity' - lets just say there were only 2 non-white lawyers in the Leeds Property and guess what both of them were swiped out in round 1.

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  • Real Motives

    Eversheds consultancy process is mere lip service. If you were indentified at the start of the process you are out, there is no reprieve.

    What's even more laughable is the criteria assessment that has been used in order to identify those at risk (ie where numbers in a certain position are proposed to be reduced, as opposed to a role redundancy). Criteria have been made up and the scores fixed within those criteria in order that the firm can get rid of those they wish. The real!

    Of those in similar roles where redundancies have been proposed the person(s) with the highest wage are out. 3 associates, reduced to 2, the 1 redundant associate having a higher wage than the 2 'safe' associates. 4 solicitors, reduced to 2, the 2 redundant solicitors being 6 and 8 years qualified, the 2 'safe' solicitors 2 and 3 years qualified. 3 solicitors, reduced to 1, the 2 redundant solicitors 4 and 5 years qualified, the 1 'safe' solicitor being a solicitor Australia!!!

    It's a similar story acorss the board.

    In short, those on low wages are kept (all wages are low at Eversheds as it is), those on higher wages are out, behind a mask of performance related cirteria made up and fixed to suit Eversheds' purpose.

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  • Redundancy - Count yourself lucky to escape!

    Thank God I left when I did (about 18 months ago) - Eversheds used to be a decent company to work for but in the last few years it has treated support staff abominably. I was demoralised, over supervised and constantly on edge and felt as though I was under surveillance for my final few months. The redundancies have been humiliating, long drawn out and processed in a harsh uncaring manner. I've assured my friends who were "dumped" that credit crunch or no it's way better out here in the real world! If you can survive 'The Shed' you can do anything!

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  • I agree wholeheartedly with all the above. This is not a great place to work!! I left around 6 months ago and it couldn't come soon enough. I was tired of slaving my heart out for a manager who didn't notice and or care. I had been steadily promoted through the ranks in the department to be on 1/3 less money than others recruited externally. Constantly shifting managers and boundaries meant it was almost impossible to score decently in the PDR process which was always based on the last two/three months (despite claims that it related to the "whole year") and therefore no salary review despite being paid the lowest at my level.

    A shocking place to work more like!!

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