UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules Seminar

Course details

  • Date  20 October 2015
  • Time  08:50  -  13:00
  • Location  London
  • Full venue address  London Stock Exchange 10 Paternoster Square LONDON EC4M 7LS
  • CPD Hours  4
  • Delegate Rate  495 excl. VAT

  • Event Reference  UKLA02
  • Event type  Seminar


Since January 2007 Main Market listed issuers have been required to comply with the new Disclosure and Transparency Rules. Designed to enhance transparency in EU capital markets, the Rules establish minimum requirements on the following:

  • Periodic financial reporting
  • The disclosure of major shareholdings in issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market in the EU
  • Mechanisms for how this information is to be stored and disseminated.

With the latest FSA announcement on changes to the Listing Rules, this seminar will focus on the practical implications and provide information on how to comply with the updated Rules.

Why attend?

The emphasis of this seminar will be the practical implications of the changes to the UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules, and how companies should comply. Senior representatives from top consultancy firms and primary listed companies will provide their perspective and guidance via a series of presentations and practical worked examples.  The seminar will also feature a workshop delivered by a specialist Company Secretarial advisory service which translates the fundamentals into practical application for a listed company as a ‘Hypothetical plc’ prepares for the year ahead.

Who should attend?

This programme is targeted at those with an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge who are seeking to be updatd with the latest developments, information and perspective.  This seminar will be of direct relevance to the following audiences:

  • Legal counsel
  • Company secretaries
  • Finance directors
  • Investor relations officers