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  • 22 September 2015

    Drafting and Negotiating an I.T. Supply Contract

    Management Forum


    This practical seminar will provide an in-depth analysis of the main legal issues that arise in the course of contracting for large enterprise software solutions. It will be of interest to both customers and vendors/suppliers alike, as well as system integrators and consultants.

     The seminar will look at:

      • Why getting the procurement invitation to tender is key to a successful outcome

     • The main negotiation issues in the contract, such as testing, acceptance, remedies for late delivery and limitations on liability

     • What happens when the procurement goes wrong


     • Contract Managers

     • Project Managers

     • IT Managers

     • IT Consultants

     • IT Project Managers

     • Lawyers


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  • 22 September 2015

    Patent Protection for Software-Related and Business-Related Inventions in EU & US

    Management Forum



    • Developments in Europe for computer-related inventions 

    • Latest US strategies post-Bilski, post-Alice and under the USPTO’s most recent guidelines 

    • Global drafting and prosecution tactics for these technologies 

    • Workshop – questions, answers and discussion of examples 


    •   Find out about the major developments in European patent law, in particular GUI inventions and ‘“mixed’” inventions with both patentable and non-patentable subject-matter 

    •  Understand and exploit the differences between the United States and Europe on the scope of available patent protection 

    •  Learn tactics for U.S. practice and the latest U.S. strategies in dealing with obviousness and the rise of indefiniteness and written description issues 

    • Complete case-studies on claim drafting, illustrating how to avoid pitfalls 

    • Join the ongoing public debate about whether patent protection should be available for software-related and business-related inventions

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  • 24 September 2015 - 25 September 2015

    2nd Annual Conference for Senior Trade Mark and Ddesign Administrators

    Management Forum



    WIPO – Internation registration of trade marks and designs: The Madrid and the Hague systems

    • Overview of the Madrid system
    • Web-based user tools
    • Overview of the Hague system
    • The road ahead for the Madrid and the Hague systems


    • OHIM Guidelines
    • Office tools and projects
    • Future plans

    US -Differences between US and EU practice, and what to do about them

    • Trade mark overview
    • Design overview
    • Common pitfalls made by foreign applicants in the US in relation to trade marks

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  • 28 September 2015 - 29 September 2015

    Communication Alchemy

    Management Forum



    • Understand the benefits of using Enhanced Thinking and Dynamic Action
    • Invisible PowerPoint – Creating Communication that works
    • How to be heard, listened to and have real impact in the office
    • Gain an insight into body language and the art of mind reading

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  • 4 October 2015 - 9 October 2015

    IBA Annual Conference 2015

    International Bar Association


    In October 2015, the IBA Annual Conference will be held in the baroque splendour of Vienna, with its Hofburg Palace, Spanish riding school and famous Viennese coffee houses.

    More importantly, Vienna is the hub for Central and Eastern European business, with more than 1,000 international companies coordinating their regional activities
    from Austria. Over 300 international companies have their CCE headquarters in Vienna and it is the seat of several international organisations such as OPEC and the third United Nations Headquarters. With these links and connections Vienna is a fitting and inspiring setting for the International Bar Association’s 2015 Annual Conference.

    What will Vienna 2015 offer?

    • The largest gathering of the international legal community in the world – a meeting place of more than 5,000 lawyers and legal professionals from around the world
    • Nearly 200 working sessions covering all areas of practice relevant to international legal practitioners
    • The opportunity to generate new business with the leading firms in the world’s key cities
    • A registration fee that entitles you to attend as many working sessions throughout the week as you wish
    • Up to 25 hours of continuing legal education and continuing professional development
    • A variety of social functions providing ample opportunity to network and see the city’s celebrated sights, and an exclusive excursion and tours programme

    For more information or to register your interest visit:

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