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  • You quote Sarah Ozanne as saying: “Although a positive move for ex-employees in terms of recourse, the law on equal pay still lags behind other discrimination laws in terms of preventing such issues in the first place."
    She must have just landed on the English legal soil from a protracted absence travelling on fantasy aircraft between outer space locations!
    The REALITY of English courts system is that it is not only as racist as before but that it is even more racist than before and the [or any] "discrimination laws" that are flaunted as being about "preventing" racism do not matter at all when it comes to the attitude, the conduct or the "outcomes" by the courts. The English legal profession is entrenched in deeper apartheid and denial in 2012 than would have been admitted as a possibility during the over-hyped flaunting of the "case" for "race-relations legislation" in the 1970s and a bit later.
    The chieftains who made the biggest careerist gains by being the "masters" of the "debate" are now suitably retired and as unrepentant about their collusion with the entrenchment of legal apartheid in Britain as they ever were.
    The deliberate and the wantonly cynical creation of cadres of ethnicity-linked "professionals" and their install tons at various stages of "the law trade" does nothing but confirm the deep backwardness, injustice and primitive orientation of English law, jurisprudence and the still ridiculously hypothetical "British"] Constitution.
    I am ready to go into chapter and verse examination of the evidence with anyone who can show that my "finding" is not demonstrable and based on evidence as of now, today, this year, the past decade and farther in the historic background.
    This REALITY was in mind as a prospect when I opposed - and went on the record to do so - the then peddling and the hype about the creation of the Commission for Racist Enslavement [the CRE].
    The CRE has been abolished, as I was calling for from the start in April 1977 but its abolition too has been cynical and has confounded the corruption of the "discrimination laws" in the context of England and the "English jurisdiction".
    Look at the satisfied smile on the face of some of the most unashamed racists sitting as members of the CONDEM Collusion as they utter Neanderthal bytes of intolerance, racism and prejudice with the allegedly democratically paraded Constitutional Opposition being found in the deserts and the wastelands of their complicity with the perpetrators performing as lawmakers when they violate the tenets of the most basic and the most fundamental of civilising values that the "discrimination laws" were "said" to be about countering in England and in the "rest" of the UK!

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