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  • Who deserves to win

    Who do we want to win? Nobody: they are all horrible.

    Who WILL win? Claire.

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  • Lee should win

    I want Lee to win - he needs a break, he is a good guy and education should not be everything. Everyone lies on their CV, don't they? I didn't really do any A levels, but so what...


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  • Lee needs a break

    Yes, Lee needs a break - he would be loyal, and is able to be moulded . He should win.

    There's something a bit fishy and conniving about Alex and
    Helene - lots of opportunity elsewhere.

    I agree that there's something between Suralan and Claire - that little glint in his eye, even if her gob is a liability. She may swing it.

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  • Real life and television

    Sir Alan has set a bad example which real job applicants should ignore. Making exaggerated claims or lying on a CV actually places you at risk.

    It is a foolish thing to do because if a person gets hired through false information, they will either lose their job or greatly damage their reputation.

    Legally, it depends on how instrumental the claim was to a person getting a position. If the main reason someone has been hired is because of a claimed qualification or skill, and it is discovered to be made-up, then an employer has the legal right to dismiss them.

    But if the false claim was not a condition of getting a job, then there is not the same legal privilege to dismiss someone.

    However, even if the employer decides that the lie is not significant enough to sack the person, it places a serious doubt in their mind over whether they can fully trust their employee.

    Once an employer has lost the ability to trust someone, the opportunities for that individual within an organisation will become limited.

    So it's important that when people submit applications they are truthful because it protects against a job loss or damage to a reputation if the person has been employed.

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  • Uber candidate call

    I think in the Suralan spirit of jolly compromise (four finalists instead of two), the candidates should be genetically modified into a single uber-candidate.

    The uber candidate would: look mean and moody and mutter "I'm only 24 on a loop"; be very ballsy; have a motormouth and do a raptor impression on the hour, while giving (4x 125%= ) 500%, and being passionate and committed and be able to sell anything...

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  • Is Suralan fixing it?

    For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking Sir Alan has been fixing the groups so that he can eliminate those he does not like, and after last night I am sure.

    He had grounds for firing everyone last night except Claire - her only real gaff was the frightful outfit. But you can't have a final with only one candidate left - and of the three others there was no reason so save one of them over the others.

    So we now have four in the final - but in groupings that suggest Suralan will ultimately have to choose between Claire and Lee. Where it will really backfire on him is if they do not win. Surely neither Helene or A lex deserve to be hired?

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  • A Meagre Harvest Indeed

    If these finalists were apples you'd throw away the bag!

    This bunch must be the worst crop of, well, "gobshites" ever to reach any final (unless the prize was to face a firing squad).

    Claire with her dead eyes and her stiff-necked stubborn refusal to accept the fact that she disliked because she's dislikeable; Helene who looks like the evil sister of Bet Lynch - the tart with no heart; Lee the geezer (innit from da streets, worked mi way up innit), and Alex, the Grima Wormtongue of the Bunch - the guy most like a banana: yellow; bent and hides in bunches.

    Senior equity partner material, or am I right? Who will win... the Dead Eyed Michelle cracked it - even though the Badger was a business goddess - so why shouldn't dead eyed Claire?

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