ECHR upholds Lords' decision to refuse widow's benefit to widowers

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  • Inequality of N.I. pension for widowed fathers

    Neither White nor Runkee had dependent-aged offspring at the time of their bereavement, so the ECtHR test case was unrepresentative of the problems facing many fathers who were widowed pre-2001 with young children.

    Like their female counterparts, many such men were obliged to compromise their careers and future earning capacity to care for their young children themselves, both lacking at that time in history any 'welfare to work' subsidy for the intensive childcare that would have enabled them to retain a developing career and a realistic pension.

    The effect of the ECtHR's ruling (and the government's continuing resistance to male equality) is that when their youngest child finishes non-advanced education, many widowed fathers (and their young adult families) are impoverished overnight, denied the rescue of the transitional widow's pension that women of the same era can claim.

    Far from being a welfare relic, the widow's pension will be available as a new benefit - for women only - for many years to come and should still be in payment for some in 2035.

    For widowers whose children aspire to university, the govermnment's discriminatory obsession is a double blow,with income vanishing and parental costs exploding at the same time.

    I have brought up my daughter alone from newborn and it grieves me that I have to ask her to postpone her university place simply to keep my widowed parent's allowance going for another precious year.

    Aged sixty and with a part-time job that pays me not a penny more than the women I work alongside, I am anxious to know how my supposed 'male advantage' will save me after this insane sex discrimination cuts my diminutive income in half. Any ideas?

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  • The whole issue of widows vs widowers pensions seems to be a case of extraordinary discrimination against men.
    I have a letter from the treasury stating that "traditionally men work and women do not". How absurd in todays obsessive non discriminatory society.
    Does anyone know if the issues around equality which have been reported in the news this week have any bearing on this whole issue.

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