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Domestic bliss?

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  • I don't know why they bother. Within 5 years Romania will be back to an effective dictatorship, like most of the rest of Eastern Europe.
    These countries simply aren't up to dealing with free market capitalism, and the politicians are generally too corrupt and/or incompetent to form a decent democratic government where the rule of law is respected.
    The collapse of communism has been a very good thing for a few corrupt businessmen who, as in Russia, plundered the state's assets for their own benefit. But for the average Romanian life is crap. They've lost the security offered by communism but gained little or nothing in return, either in material wealth or general quality of life.
    As the disillusionment sets in so does a desire to return to `strong government'.
    We're already beginning to see the move back to an elective dictatorship in Russia and Hungary. The rest of them will follow like dominoes - up like the rocket, down like the stick.

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