Dog eats dog eats Pret a Manger

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  • Boring

    Is writing this sort of rubbish supposed to show commercial awareness or a commitment to law? I think I'd cringe if I had to write this sort of nonsense. And as for lifting a report from a printer, what partner uses their own hands, eyes, ears or mouth? The average partner would have their secretary do that.

    Must try harder.

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  • Blog


    The truth is, I don't have to write this blog, I do it because it's lighthearted and - given the necessarily self absorbed nature of its content - cathartic.

    And whilst I regret that you feel it hasn't effectively demonstrated either commercial awareness or a commitment to law ... that's almost akin to chastising a piece in a celeb mag for failing to evidence literary depth - (a) it's obvious; (b) it's not necessary to its construction; and (c) really, in the context, is that required?

    What is intended by the blog is a depiction of my workplace - granted, some aspects of which have been sexed up with a bit of creative license - from a trainee's perspective.

    To that end, if there's any specific issue anyone would like the blog to focus on, I'm more than happy to explore any suggestions by expanding on my own first hand experiences.

    To the extent that writing this is cringe inducing ... I whole heartedly agree ... it's my life and I find myself cringing on a daily basis.

    Ta, Alan.

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  • on boring

    who is this twit? of course your blog is lightharted. Prescious little else is at the moment.

    The phrase commercial awareness and comittment to law" can only come from a junior and an utter tos*er at that.

    Shut up anon or amuse us with something!

    Nothing easier than to bag out another's efforts, you turkey!!!

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  • -

    I must agree with the first Anonymous, not very interesting at all.

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  • Nice work

    Why are you a 'former' associate? Rated PG.

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