Dickie Dees launches redundancy consultation in banking team

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  • I used to work there. No positives for me I'm afraid. A bunch of toffs and a few wide boys is how I would describe it. None of them particularly nice to work for nor particularly gracious when I resigned.

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  • Oh dear. The "muckspreader" responds on behalf of the firm pointing at other firms as if it hides Dickinson Dees's manifold problems.

    It doesn't. I work for the firm everyone hates. They hate us because of the misdirected arrogance shown in the post above (7:17-20 Dec).

    Not all the managers are like that, but the majority are. They seem to be the bullied kids at school, eager to bolster their self esteem by being cruel to others. It might not be clear to those outside but this is a firm driven by spiteful people. The comments on here restore my faith that right thinking people realise the firm needs drastic changes to be made asap. The post above says it all - does anyone in their right mind want to congratulate the partners at Dickinson Dees for announcing team redundancies on the Friday before Christmas?

    Is it too much to hope for a Christmas Carol moment for all partners over Xmas?

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  • Does anyone else sense that the author of Anon 7:17pm 20 Dec 2010 is detached from reality.

    Does anyone want to extend a hearty congratulations to the Geordie Gentlemen's club for sacking 30% of the Banking Team the week before Christmas day?

    Does anyone think the firm isn't failing? 6 rounds of redundancies in less than 24 months says otherwise.

    The "personalities" doesn't go far enough. Some of those partners are right at the end of the spectrum.

    The reason Dixon Dees is so hated is that they screwed over lots of people during the recession, the partners put self-preservation first and as a result the firm is still in danger of collapsing.

    Now they have to live with the consequences - which is lots of people pointing out their failings.

    Oh and for the record the rumours about the other firms aren't true. It's Dickinson Dees which is strongly rumoured to be looking for a merger firm - or as it should be called a "rescue firm".

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  • Comment 41 -
    Well written by no doubt one of the many underperforming partners at Dickinson Dees. Failure to understand the point as usual. Why congratulate a firm for putting six people through hell at what is supposed to be a time of festive cheer? Such a stupid comment would only be made by someone if they were safe in the knowledge that they had a job that was safe no matter how poor they were at it and still be so lacking in self awareness to talk about high turnover figures that the people the firm is so keen to make redundant have helped contribute to.

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  • Anonymous | 20-Dec-2010 7:17 pm

    Perhaps having so many underperforming equity partners isn't something to boast about during a redundancy process?

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  • 75% of the firm are friendly well adjusted people.

    25% are not the kind of people you would want to share an office with. Those 25% are the problem. They are a big problem as that is what Dickinson Dees is known for being - manipulative, untrustworthy and snide.

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  • I worked at Dickinson Dees. The person who said they were "toffs and wide boys" is spot on. They are all either toffs or wide boys.

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  • Look all, I'm just saying the firm should be applauded by the legal community for making better decisions than all other Northern law firms, in particular Watson Burton, Eversheds and Watson Burton.
    This is just the start of a process of change for the firm designed to make Dickinson Dees competitive with and then overtake Clifford Chance and Linklaters.
    Dickinson Dees cannot carry the weight of junior staff. We made a choice at the outset to keep those who had made partner by 2007 and it's working.

    This is just the first steps of a big journey. You watch. Dickinson Dees always has the last laugh.

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  • I used to regularly instruct Dickinson Dees.
    I don't any more. The pervasive unhappiness around this firm translates into its legal work. The fees stopped representing value for money around 2007 and I found that you never got a proper opinion because everyone was braced for criticism.
    This latest redundancy, in the week before Christmas, shows the death throes of a firm that stopped caring about its clients and then stopped caring about its staff. Still, at least the partners and their stay at home wives are fine.

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  • How sad to read of the troubles of Dickson Dees and the comments made as a result of the redundancies.
    In 1975 I worked as a secretary for Dickinson Miller & Turnbull (which later became Dickinson Dees) in Cross House. I recall the firm's merger with Dees & Thompson (who came to Cross House from their offices in Grey Street where one partner told me he had been in the same room for 30 years) and saw the beginning of the firm going from strength to strength All the partners were gentlemen (Ian and Robert Dickinson, Richard Wilson, Mr Meikle, Mr Collingwood, Mr Potts, Mr North-Lewis to name but a few) and the younger partners were lovely to work for and good fun (Fred Wilson, Philip Helm, Lyn Rutherford etc) though we all worked very hard. I was there when Chris Harker came as an articled clerk and, even then, he showed great potential and had a very engaging personality so I'm not surprised to read that he did great things for the firm.
    I suppose this is what they call progress but, to all those who have been ousted by the firm for no apparent good reason I send my very best wishes and hope they have a happy retirement.

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