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Times have been changing in the automotive sector. Customers are thinking differently about their priorities and needs. This means that you must be at the forefront of market developments, while at the same time being in a position to benefit from the upturn in sales. To do all this requires a leading legal partner with the depth of knowledge and breadth of relevant experience to meet your needs. That's where Dentons comes in. We understand the automotive business and have a driving ambition to assist you across every aspect of your company's operations. Click here for more information.

Aviation and aerospace
This complex industry ranges from aviation and aerospace service companies to airlines, charter companies, private operators, manufacturers, aircraft leasing companies and other financial institutions, airports and governmental agencies. It's an industry where you want specialists with aviation expertise, access to an experienced multijurisdictional team and experts on the ground in the places you do business. Dentons' lawyers know the aviation industry. We combine global expertise with local knowledge in many areas. Click here for more information.

Dentons' dedicated, truly global Communications Group is a highly rated talent base consisting of can-do people that have built their reputations at the sharp end of change and innovation right across your industry. Connected people who you can trust to help resolve your most complex challenges and shape the future of your business -- faster, more efficiently and cost effectively. Click here for more information.

Participants in construction projects require timely advice from their legal counsel. You require a partner with a strong understanding of this dynamic industry. From high-rise office buildings to mass-transit systems to energy facilities and major infrastructure projects, the lawyers at Dentons have the knowledge and experience to assist you. Click here for more information.

Dentons' lawyers work for defence contractors and governments globally. They deploy deep understanding of public and private law to work on major platform, systems and ordinance sales and purchases, contracts for the management of defence sites and facilities and the operation and maintenance of defence equipment. Dentons' lawyers will represent you in defence industry disputes and litigation of every kind, with confidence grounded in real industry knowledge. Click here for more information.

In a market that is fast-changing and under pressure from a variety of different directions, you need a firm that is immersed in energy markets and is innovative and agile in driving and achieving your business goals. Dentons gives you that support, with enormous experience across the energy sector and around the world. Click here for more information.

Financial institutions
You're dealing with sophisticated financial transactions in a fast-moving global marketplace and you want representation that's equally sophisticated. You want the knowledge to help you with intricate cross-border deals and increasing regulatory pressure. You want the ability to defend your interests in a mercurial market. Dentons has that knowledge and ability. We understand the sector -- and financial institutions of every size, focus and geography. Click here for more information.

Forest products and agribusiness
Partner with Dentons to benefit from cutting-edge advice and innovative solutions. Whether you are seeking patent protection for a future food composition or plant breeding technology, assessing the long-term viability of a timberland investment, converting a production facility to a higher-end pulp use or installing a long-term structural commercial advantage in the distribution of your end product, we are at your side, adding value, not wasting your time. Click here for more information.

The gaming industry is continuously changing and evolving. Our goal is to make sure you are always at the top of your game. Gaming and gambling enterprises are among the most heavily regulated and monitored businesses in North America and Europe, so you need a partner who can find a clear path through federal, state and provincial laws. That's Dentons. Use our deep knowledge of the industry's ins and outs to identify your best options and strategies for success and achieve a win-win outcome. Click here for more information.

You need a partner with valuable skills, experts that get the ins and outs of political decision making around the globe. You need people who understand the needs of central and local governments, as well as regulatory bodies, public sector agencies and not-for-profit organisations. You need Dentons. Our lawyers and other professionals know how government works. We have served in a variety of governmental roles, as elected representatives, temporary transfers to government departments and staff members working to influence government. Click here for more information.

Hotels and leisure
Consistently ranked among the best in the world, Dentons' Hotels and Leisure Practice comprises a core team of lawyers focused exclusively on the hotel and leisure industry who enjoy complementary cross-disciplinary support from their partners and colleagues throughout the firm. We are proud to serve as trusted advisers to some of the world's great companies that develop, own, operate, invest in and finance hotels and other leisure properties. Click here for more information.

Infrastructure and PPP
Dentons' lawyers have deep-rooted experience with public-private partnerships (PPPs). We have assisted public owners, concessionaires, lenders and contractors with all aspects of PPP arrangements across a broad range of infrastructure sectors. We have leading PPP lawyers in jurisdictions that have been most active in these partnerships, including those in the UK, Europe and Canada. Whether you are involved in transport or utility, roads or accommodation, we have experienced lawyers who can assist you. Click here for more information.

The definition of risk is constantly changing. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic meltdowns and the threat of pandemics are all risks that increasingly affect the entire world. Add legislative reform and more regulations on a local and global level to the mix, and companies today find themselves under enormous pressure. You need lawyers who know your business and know how to mitigate your exposure. From dealing with consumers and competitors to meeting your regulatory commitments, Dentons partners with you to help you manage your own risk. Click here for more information.

Life sciences and healthcare
Life sciences and healthcare companies are facing enormous challenges and unpredictable changes in the coming years. You need a law firm that understands your issues and your business and can effectively represent your interests anywhere in the world. Dentons is that firm. We focus on the issues that are the core of your business, day in and day out, just as you do. And our lawyers have done so for many years. We work alongside you in the key areas you expect from your lawyers, and some that may surprise you. Click here for more information.

Luxury, fashion and beauty
Your brand is your core asset; you have to be alert to counterfeiting and copyright and trademark infringements. You also have to organise a global manufacturing and supply chain, and navigate import, certification and retailing laws. Dentons can work with you to meet and overcome these challenges: a partnership driving the success of your brand. And a partner that brings expertise shaped by some of the world's best-known luxury brands. Click here for more information.

A myriad of issues confront your business. You need support from lawyers who thoroughly understand your industry, and from a firm that has the agility and resources to help you respond to competitive pressures in a global marketplace. We understand not only what drives your business, but also where you may face new opportunities or threats in the future. Working together, we can ensure that you are globally competitive today and positioned to succeed tomorrow. Click here for more information.

Media, entertainment and sports
Dentons leverages our global footprint and deep-sector expertise to help you mitigate risk and capitalise on evolving trends in the marketplace. Whether you are looking at acquiring, selling, distributing or financing film, television, music, publishing, digital media assets or a sports team, launching a television or internet channel in China, the US, Canada, the EU or elsewhere, participating in a sports venue/real-estate development or litigating, arbitrating or mediating a copyright, trademark or licensing dispute, we can provide advice as to the local political, legal and business conditions that drive outcomes. Click here for more information.

Capital constraint. Increasingly complex regulations. Rising resource nationalism. In the global business of mining, these are just a few of the challenges you may face every day. As a global Top 10 law firm with deep experience in the industry, Dentons can help you meet those challenges head on. Our mining clients include issuers listed on the world's major stock exchanges, including those in Australia, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York and Toronto. Click here for more information.

Private equity
Today's private equity investors face an intensely competitive landscape. You must rely on increasingly innovative financing solutions to carry out transactions. But political and financial turmoil can cause financing, regulatory or political hurdles that challenge the completion of deals. Tackle your toughest challenges with Dentons' lawyers by your side. Achieve your financial objectives while adapting to a tougher economic and regulatory regime. Click here for more information.

Professional services
Your industry is facing an ever-increasing demand for global services, sector focus and flexible, innovative solutions. You need to provide this, while complying with increased regulatory controls, facing increased global risks and, at the same time, needing to provide outstanding client service. We can help you navigate this complex path, with sector knowledge in tandem with experience in a full range of commercial legal services. Click here for more information.

Real estate
At Dentons, we bring strong, established local, regional and global experience and know-how to help you succeed in all your real-estate ventures and projects. With more than 500 real-estate lawyers and our commitment to an integrated approach, we give you the comfort of a global presence with a deep understanding of the local real-estate terrain. Because opportunities don't wait, we anticipate trends and react with speed and certainty on your behalf, collaborating with you every step of the way. Click here for more information.

Retailing has always been about survival of the fittest and most innovative. Many retailers have learned this the hard way. Others have reinvented themselves. Embracing change, innovation and new technologies is challenging, but this has always been the key to survival and prosperity. Dentons has been a trusted counsellor to the retail industry for many years, offering a multi-disciplined focus. Click here for more information.

To succeed in today's highly competitive technology sector, you need a law firm with sector-specific legal expertise and experience, as well as a deep understanding of the key business issues driving change in the industry. Dentons delivers on all fronts. We deliver creative solutions that stand out, help you achieve strategic objectives, minimise risk and deliver results that grow market share. Click here for more information.

Governments everywhere recognise the importance of investment in transportation. The efficient movement of people and goods is fundamental to any economy and is a mainstay of world trade. And transportation is a significant area of growth in otherwise difficult economic times. Trains, planes, automobiles and ships have never been more in demand. You will want lawyers who have first-hand experience of those markets, built up over many years. We are those lawyers. Click here for more information.

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