Daily Mail chief slams judge

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  • it was probably an eady judgment to reach

    well done Judge!

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  • Libel/privacy

    John, leaving aside the too-obvious observation that Private Eye opposing libel actions is akin to turkeys voting to ban Christmas, the Mosley case was a privacy action, not one in defamation (though I suspect he'd have won that too).

    As for free speech being strangled, can you think of any example of a successful privacy action where the 'free speech' in question was about anything of any possible public interest? If the only thing being strangled is the freedom to rake through the dustbins of B-list 'celebrities', then good riddance!

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  • Humbug

    It is particularly galling that it is the Mail's editor, of all editors on all papers, who feels qualified to make this speech, bearing in mind that of all national newspapers the Mail's and the Mail on Sunday's reporters are the ones pressed by their respective editors to weasle their way into people's private lives more intrusively than any other paper.

    In some 20 years of dealing professionally with the media on behalf of many different clients with different issues, it has only been journalists and photographers on the Mail and the Mail on Sunday about whom I have been compelled to complain.

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  • Dacre report

    Ian, Several hundred million people follow F1. The FAI is now being led by a pervert. Paul Dacre got it absolutely right. Good for him.

    Incidentally, whatever happened to the law that solicitation of prostitutes is illegal?.

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  • Daily Maul grudge slams judge

    Of course, for many years now, the Daily Maul has been the beacon of truth in a sea of lies, a veritable paragon of balanced and accurate journalism in a time of sloppy standards and non-adherence to facts ... Excuse me a moment while I take my medication and, in the meantime, pass the sickbag, Alice.

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  • It must be true

    As the judge of good taste for the Mail, we should defer to Dacre.

    The working girls reported to the mail, so where was the prostitution?

    Damn it , if it's in the mail it must be true.


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  • Eady come, Eady go

    Colin, Private Eye and turkeys might seem a good match, but that magazine has done more to expose corruption and malice in public life than any other that I'm aware of. Check out their Paul Foot 2008 awards. The problem with Eady and the English courts in this area is that they are prepared to pander to the wealthy and lawyers like Carter-Ruck. If you are a public figure and Mosley is, then you should expect to have your life investigated. As I said before, this will throttle free speech and make the UK the laughing stock of the world.

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  • laughable

    judging by the comments on this page, its amazing how many ardent Socialists are in the Legal Industry! And you guys call yourselves impartial! Laughable!!

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