College of Law adds Brabners to its client roster

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  • All I can say is, at least it's not BPP.

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  • Why do you hate BPP?

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  • Some of the many reasons why I hate BPP:

    1. I'm studying one module with them due to being exempt from all others. This wouldn't seem to be problematic and it was made clear, r epeatedly, that I was only studying one module but it took a letter from a solicitor for them to issue a correct bill after attempting to bill me for six grand.

    2. I asked them to post my books to me as it would cost around two hundred quid to go to Manchester to collect them. It took them a month to do this despite repeated claims it had been done.

    3. Same problem as above with the student card.

    4. They're overly expensive, even the overpriced College of Law is cheaper.

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  • Reason 5:

    They've sent me three out of the four books I need.

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  • Reason 6: They're now claiming I'm not registered in full due to unpaid fees, despite a receipt from July showing everything was fully paid, and that they don't have my exemptions certificate, despite having multiple copies of it sent. Yet another letter solicitors' letter was required.

    A real lack of customer service from the 'top' law college.

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  • Really?

    I've found BPP to be AMAZING!!!

    They have continually gone over and above what I've expected from a Law School.

    I was previously with a different college who failed to meet my expectations however, after having a few conversations with the staff at BPP and attending an Open Day I decided to switch.

    The transition was very smooth and I received everything from books, logins, my student card, timetables, even a catch up session!!!!

    They've always been really helpful and it's been great to have professionals rather than academics teaching me.

    I have an appointment with the careers service today for a mock interview for a TC interview I have coming fingers crossed.

    I'm sorry you've had a bad experience but from speaking to others you're really in the minority.

    BPP - I salute you.

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  • The "anonymous" comment above is clearly from BPPs marketing department!

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