CoL, Kaplan lift lid on LPC graduate success rates

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  • Can't anybody here do simple maths?
    There may be about 14000 total LPC places made available at all law schools but there are only about 7000 actual enrolments each year. With pass rates averaging about 75% that means about 5000 LPC graduates passing each year - which is just above the number of available and registered training contracts. So it only takes small variances to move between over or under supply. Not complicated and not controversial.

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  • So given the graduation rate, only 81% of 74% of those who commenced the LPC in 2009 actually completed this survey. So using the figures above I calculate there would have been around 3212 people who commenced the LPC in 2009 with CoL therefore using the full figures surely it should read like this:

    26% did not graduate (so definitely don’t have TCs, but may be paralegalling)

    40% didn’t answer this survey (including those who didn’t graduate)

    14% graduated, but didn’t answer this survey

    37% said they had TCs (I wonder how many already had them – these stats would be interesting)

    13% said they are paralegalling (you do not do the LPC to become a paralegal).

    So ultimately only 37% got/already had TCs and even if we take it that the 14% who didn’t answer did have TCs this only brings up the figure to 51%.

    At worst 63% and at best 49% of 2009/2010 LPC students paid the CoL money to do the LPC and didn’t get a TC.

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