Clifford Chance signs training deal with CoL

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  • Specified GDL provider

    I was somewhat concerned to read this article.

    It is the issue of a specified GDL provider which troubled me. Although the rationale behind the tailored LPC is clear and reasonable, it seems unnecessarily prescriptive that a firm should specify where its future trainees should do the GDL. Many people, for personal reasons, want to do their GDL outside London -- they might simply prefer to stay on in their university town, for example, or have other, more pressing, reasons to be elsewhere in the country for the year. Still more, after years of mounting student debt, will want to save money by living with their parents for the year and commute to the local law school.

    Also, there are various reasons why it doesn't make any sense: many non-law applicants don't get their training contract offers until a matter of weeks before they start the GDL (or even up to a couple of weeks after starting), by which time they may well have accepted a place (and arranged accommodation) somewhere other than the specified law school. What would they do in that instance? Presumably they'd have to let the person go elsewhere. Added to that are the many students who only apply while already on the GDL -- presumably their applications wouldn't be refused just because they were at the wrong law school. This would effectively make a bit of a mockery of the idea that some benefit might be gained from having all future trainees at a certain law school. As for the reasoning behind it, it can't really be in order to have their future trainees close at hand, as analogous final-year law students will be at universities all over the country. And I can't really imagine the GDL could be 'tailored' for a firm in any meaningful way.

    Essentially, I feel this is worthy of examination/criticism in the next issue of Lawyer2B as it is an issue which should be of genuine concern to many potential trainees.

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