CJC lays out advice for litigants in person as legal aid cuts beckon

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  • 1. An unknown journey awaits LiPs as they seek justice in the UK
    2. Neither the generic steps nor the context-specific nuances are clear to them
    3. This lack of clarity often confuses the LiPs' research efforts and their discussions with others
    4. Confusing research and discussions generally lead to poor strategic decisions
    5. Poor strategic decisions result in tactics that make things worse
    6. The worse it gets, the more obsessed the resourceful LiP becomes with obtaining justice
    7. This obsession blinds and hardens the LiP - and damages the ongoing health, wealth and happiness of everyone involved
    8. As a Legal professional, you are invited to join us in establishing help for LiPs.
    9. Our Help4LiPs matrix attempts to outline the context-specific steps through which a LiP may need to journey
    10. Our Help4LiPs eLearning modules will (as you help us populate them) act as travel guides for the LiP at each context-specific step
    11. Our Help4LiPs direct-access links to your un-bundled professional services (relevant to each context-specific step in our matrix) will help address the LiP's need for "local knowledge" and assistance along the way
    12. Our Help4LiPs discussion forum will help individual LiPs find and assist each other where ever possible – and you can join their discussion
    13. Inevitably, as educated and experienced LiPs discuss things, apparent contraventions of the Rule of Law will surface – and you can help them respond to these apparent contraventions
    14. To prevent an increase in vexatious litigation, an effective approach is needed to handle these apparent contraventions, to increase the possibility that LiPs will feel that they have equal access to Justice
    15. Self-regulating bodies cannot perform this function. But you, as an individual legal professional can.
    16. Please help us help LiPs at www.help4lips.co.uk
    Thank you,
    Brad Meyer

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