Chelsy Davy accepts A&O training contract

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  • Training Contracts

    Regardless of the merits of a GDL vs. a law degree or a celebrity to a non-celebrity, the fact of the matter is that firms of all sizes and calibres are only going to hire people who can not only do the job, but do it well and benefit the firm. It would not be in there interests of a firm to hire someone who is incompetent purely because they are a celebrity. Chelsy clearly must be capable, just like any of the people who have been successful whether they have a law degree, a non-law degree or anything else you may hold against them.

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  • GDL

    As one of the unfortunate souls who bears the shame of having completed the GDL rather than a "proper" law degree, I think anyone who has done the course would accept that it is not as extensive as a three year law degree.

    That said, the GDL was obviously good enough for the one magic circle and two New York law firms that have employed me in recent years....and I don't recall being born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

    The fact is that once you're actually practising, your clients don't care whether you've done a law degree or the GDL, just whether you can do the job.

    Perhaps if "Hello Kitty" learnt to spell, and generally stopped bleating about how unfair life is, training contracts might not prove so hard to come by.....

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    Hello Kitty must really hate me, I got a "proper law degree" by just doing the GDL and the LPC at the CoL. 2 degrees and a training contract at a US firm, oh and I was born in Brixton and went to state school.

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  • GDL vs law degree

    I'm not convinced that there is any material benefit to be gained by studying law rather than doing a non-law degree followed by the GDL. Neither has much practical application once the training contract begins, and I believe that many of the politics, English or philosophy students I knew at university would make far better lawyers than many of the law students I studied with.

    On the LPC, I generally observed that those who did the GDL had better recollection of the relevant law (having only just studied it) and were clearer on the fundamentals (as there is only time to teach the important bits on the GDL). I would advise any A-level student wishing to pursue a career in law to study something like economics or languages and convert.

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  • Hello Kitty

    Do you complete training contract applications with spelling and grammar like that?

    P.S. as one of the unfortunate ones who has completed a GDL rather than an LLB (Hon), my degree obviously wasn't sufficiently difficult in your eyes to warrent a training contract.
    Maybe I should bow out of the legal profession now?

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  • Chelsy

    She's obviously worked hard and done the work to get her degree. Good luck to her. I hate it when people think who she is is enough - she has to be able to do the job in the first instance. And so what if a little publicity is given to the law firm. Why can't someone be well connected, well off and intelligent!!

    I say well done to her and good luck for the future.

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  • Hello kitty defends her typing errors

    Hello Kitty can spell perfectly well. Must be able to or I wouldn't have got a masters in human rights law.

    Apologies to all out there, I was just in a rush as I toil in my paralegal job. Oh and to whoever out there said that it spoke volumes that I am doing the gdl and have a law degree, well that because I did my degree in Northern Ireland and I am doing the land law module as our land law is completely different from English land law. And um...yea hello kitty does have a training contract. Proper law degree, masters degree and paralegal experience, why wouldn't I get one? But anyway, it is just my opinion that the gdl is just not the same as a law degree.

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  • harry's ex

    extreley unfair - economics degree from what probably amounts to a poly (sorry met, hallam etc etc ) and yet she's landed A & O - blatant pub stunt by the firm which is probable x2 years trainee salary well spent! cannot believe those commending her intelligence.........and no I am not bitter before others start - i'm a reasonably content mc assoc!

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  • Another Slaone Ranger rides roughshod over the rest of us

    I don't think that her Royal connections are the only reason she got this gig; it is also because her Father is extremely wealthy and very well connected. That is what it takes. Yes you can still succeed if you are 'ordinary' but only if you have extraordinary academics and luck. People like her could have a cycling proficiency test certificate and they would still be 'successful' in their chosen field; it is the way of the world...stop moaning and get out there and change it!

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  • Horribble mean people

    What?! A law degree DOESN'T prepare you for due diligence or closing a deal? You wicked, wicked people. First you tell me there's no tooth fairy, then no Father Christmas. But you can't fool me no more. Three years of a Law Degree and I'll be able to see a SPA to completion. Just you wait and see!

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