Chelsy Davy accepts A&O training contract

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  • The problem in a nutshell

    This story tells you all you need to know about modern City law firms: The PR, showbiz and glamour. What a lot of old cobblers.

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  • ridiculous comments more like

    It couldn't possibly be that she is reasonably bright and did well on her placement / interview or at least as well as various other candidates could it??? No doubt the publicity is an added advantage but I doubt A&O would bother offering her a TC if she didn't merit it - they probably have bigger fish to fry. Just because she is who she is doesn't necessarily mean it's undeserved.

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  • Please

    Are some of the previous posters suggesting that A&O has hired her to... get work from THE QUEEN?!


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  • Chelsy's Career

    Chelsy would make a good lawyer she must be studying hard to become a sucessful lawyer.

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  • OMG this is so, like, cool!

    "Davy reportedly ended her relationship with Harry, 24, after the couple returned from a holiday on the island of Mauritius a few weeks ago."

    Nonsense - it's just a Mauritius rumour.

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  • Vacancy at A&O Moscow


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  • ridiculous

    This is so ludricous ! ok, yea she is prob smart but it is so obvious that she got this training contract cause of who she is! Also she has got this and she doesnet even have an actual law degree!! Anybody who thinks that the gdl even comes close to a law degree is seriously warped!

    As somebody who has a proper law degree and who is doing one subject on the gdl, I can say that the gdl is a pile of crap and some of the people on it are very weak at law. It's ludricious that these types can get training contacts before people with proper law degrees. Also, I am from Northern ireland and there is no such thing exists that allows you to do a law degree in a year. There is no short cut to becoming a doctor, so how can you justify a short cut to becoming a lawyer?? Scrap the ridiculous sham course that is the gdl and send people back to uni to do a proper law degree.

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  • To City Gent

    I salute you, sir.

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  • GDL

    I would agree with 'hello kitty' that the GDL is not the most rigorous of courses, and that successful completion of it does not help much towards being a successful lawyer. But, and this is the big but, I can't see how an academic law degree puts anyone in a better position at a city law firm at the start of a training contract. Anyone doing the GDL will have a degree in another subject, and the benefits of a degree apply whether it is law or something else (ability to research, to apply logic, write essays etc.)

    To say a law degree, and only a law degree, benefits you in conducting a commercial due diligence exercise, or reviewing drafts of a contract, seems silly. In fact Chelsy's economics degree would have more applied use in a number of city law firm departments. Perhaps the poster has not yet had the benefit of practising to find out how 'useful' their law degree is.

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  • absurd

    "Hello Kitty", i'm going to go out on a limb but i'm guessing you haven't got a training contract. How exactly is it "so obvious" she got a training contract because of who she is...

    Before you comment you really should do a bit of research. You're right she hasn't got a law degree, yet, thats because she's still studying for it. She is not doing the gdl. On top of that Magic circle law firms traditionally offer around 40% of their training contract to non-law grads, I guess none of them deserved it either.

    Grow up, the fact that you proclaim to have a law degree and yet are still doing the gdl, speaks volumes.

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