CC makes savings by offshoring paralegals to India

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  • Am I missing something?

    Am I missing something? Or do commercial lawyers not go into commercial law to become rich?

    Some of the posters below make commercial law sound like some sort of honorary brotherhood like the Knights of the Round Table or the Jedi.

    If commercial lawyers can make more money by doing something they will do it (provided it's legal), but if they don't think that it will make them more money, or will only provide short-term money at the cost of future money, then they won't.

    It has always been that way, and outsourcing is no more or less 'greedy' than the motivation of commercial lawyers to go to work in the morning.

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  • Very strange

    I cannot see why there is all this outrage and shock at CC's actions. Does anyone seriously think - as FTSE General Counsel claims! - that CC won't still have 'relationships' with their clients? Since when were paralegals an important part of client relationships? They aren't, of course, so the effect on client relations will be zero.

    This should be a concern to clients only if there is a drop in the quality of the work. I seriously doubt this will be the case, but it is a legitimate concern, I suppose. Nothing else matters - why should it concern clients if law firms are run as businesses with an eye on profitability? This is how the clients themselves are run and it doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality.

    All this talk of doom and death of the profession is so laughable it's not worth bothering with. If they were outsourcing trainees, that would be a different matter. But they're not.

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  • But they will

    One of the points here is what this promises for the next step - trainees and associates. If you don't believe that could ever happen, you're in a dream land.

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  • Seems that CC will show the world how the legal business is done in the 21st Century.

    Excellent strategic move...and there is nothing to crib about.... they have reatained the high-end work for those in UK, so why even bother?

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